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Philadelphia swoops in to snag injured Joel Embiid at No. 3

I also thought it appeared either the tape was time-delayed or they began running a tape that started prior to the announcement.

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Philadelphia swoops in to snag injured Joel Embiid at No. 3

When I had a cast like that there was no way to get suit pants on short of slitting the inseam. You just don't do that to high dollar suit pants.

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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

For reasons I've stated above, I'll not be willing to have my real name show in my posts. I would have no problem with KUSports/LJWorld knowing my real name but I don't want it published so it is searchable by anyone wanting to know more about me. My privacy is worth more than that to me. So, I guess today is my last day posting comments on KUSports. It's been fun. Sad it had to come to this.

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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

There are several very good reasons in the posts above this one, starting at the top. It has little to do with taking responsibility, most of us don't have a problem with that. The biggest problem for me is linking my real name to my posts so that anyone who knows how to google can find them. Don't think so, go google your own name and see for yourself. Thinking about changing jobs? Don't think your new employer is checking you out online? How about your current employer who may have some doubts about you? I have never posted anything on this site I would not take responsibility for but I sure don't want my comments being searchable and tied to my name. It's really easy for some of those to be taken out of context when not seen as part of an entire conversation.

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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

And THAT is how offensive posts should be handled. NOT by requiring real names.

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SG Kelly Oubre commits to Kansas basketball

I really think McLemore wanted to stay more than one year. He really seemed to enjoy his time at KU. But I suspect it was the draw of the money and what it could do to help his family, particularly his mother, that finally won out. Anyhow, I just got the impression he really wanted to stay another year. Strictly an opinion. No facts to base it on.

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Behind the Lens: 'Jayhawk Decade'

My wife will tell you I was ecstatic when Kansas hired Bill Self because I had watched what he did at Illinois and watched how he out-coached Roy Williams in a head-to-head game. My wife was less convinced. I'm pleased to see that, for once, my own judgment was spot on!

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Opinion: KU freshmen vs. vets could spice up Late Night

It would be really cool if during Late Nite the entire football team filed out of the tunnel and onto the floor for a wave to the crowd and applause from the crowd. There would not be time to introduce each player but just having them walk through that tunnel onto the floor to stand by the basketball players would be amazing.Terrific show of solidarity that would be.

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Weis fired up for Homecoming weekend’s festivities

Every time I think I don't like a play call I take a reality pill and realize he's the expert, not me. He knows what he's doing, not me. I'm simply a fan and have nowhere near the knowledge that Charlie Weis has. Nowhere near. And although most posters here have far more knowledge and understanding of the game than do I, not one of us here can hold a candle to Charlie Weis when it comes to football knowledge and savvy. Even his "unusual" calls have a purpose and have a lot of thought behind them. Who am I to judge?

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Andrew Wiggins named to preseason all-Big 12 first team

It is refreshing to see such humility and diplomacy from a young man with so much potential. His parents did a terrific job raising him. I'm betting some of our other players will end up very highly rated in the season ending recognition. There are some terrific players, terrific young men on this team.

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