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Jayhawks think each of the top 3 RBs could be 'explosive'

We get down 21 at the half and we'll never see these guys. I think we almost have to learn to run the ball regardless of the score. We get into a throw on every down and a string of 3 and outs with a tired defense in the 2nd half, it will be Nicholls State fans and our cheerleaders left in the stadium at the end. There will be officials on the field than KU fans.

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Tom Keegan: Nicholls coach Tim Rebowe shares blueprint for flipping losing program

Hard to understand why respectability is so hard for Kansas on the football field. Why can a Nicholls State do it and we can't seem to get it? Not talking about the top of the Big 12. Just respectability. I think the chances of losing Saturday are high given what I just read in this article. The word in the FCS is whatever you do, "try to schedule Kansas. Great payday and wonderful flight home."

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Former KU great Sherron Collins picks up college degree

Nice job, Sherron. Congratulations! Jayhawk for life.

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'Running different': RB Dom Williams striving for impactful sophomore season

I promised myself I wouldn't drink the "upcoming football season Kool Aid" this year. But here I am. The gurgling sound is me trying not to choke on it. I want to believe in this team so bad. I like Coach Beaty as a person and want these kids to succeed. It is just that I've gulped it down each of his three previous years and have gone on to witness the 3 and 33 to go along with the previous seasons' debacles. It's painful. And it's embarrassing. I've watched this so called starting QB thing the last three years (along with the previous years before that) and have never seen such a stupid concept which exist at KU. At a school like OU, for example, it is a meaningful competition and a big deal to name the starting quarterback. At KU, it is more like, or should be, "OK, you start the first game and if you don't produce, it is next man up." Just put a respectable team on the field that can avoid stupid mistakes on both sides of the ball. Don't be down 21 zip in the first quarter. Don't drop punt snaps, shank punts, or miss chippy field goals. Or drop passes that happen to land in your hands. Or miss an assignment allowing allowing a receiver to be wide open down the middle of the field. These latter events (I know...I have PTSD) are what teams who have a losing, 'here we go again" mentality with no idea how to play confident, routinely do. All of that lack of winning attitude stuff always goes back to the head coach. To our new AD, put some makeup in your back pocket to use at half-time "schmooze" events in case you need to hide your red face. I hope you don't need it, but it may be a good idea to have at the ready. I've got my makeup kit sitting right next to my empty glass of Kool Aid I just finished.

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Lagerald Vick to return to Kansas for senior season

I am sure Coach used this as an opportunity to get some things he needs and expects before letting him come back. I imagine it involves on AND off the court stuff. Humility and earning your spot back via play was another. Knowing Coach the importance of the degree was discussed. Last year, he had to start and play because we had no real depth. This year, playing minutes are going to be tougher to come by. I bet commitment to the defensive end was in there, also. LV's best bet for the NBA is to become a lock down defender. In the end, I loved Coach went there and didn't force LV and LaLa to drive to Lawrence. I think it showed what Bill Self always shows, which is blue blood class. Somewhere in the midst of all that talent remains the need to become a "team." No trip to Korea or Italy to help. No Frank, no Devonte. I bet Boot Camp is a extra brutal this year. Can we just skip football and tip it off in August?

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KU football ticket sales down about $6 million per year; some question whether $300 million in new facilities will help

This "gamble" is tied to the age old question. Which one is the horse and which is the cart? Is recruiting and field performance/success the horse as many argue? Or is the development of top tier facilities the horse that will pull the wagon? It would appear Zenger et al. (he isn't doing this without the thumbs up from other pieces of leadership) has decided the facilities will have to be the horse because the performance has fallen so far. The answer may not be a "there is only one right answer" proposition. I would argue either can work and you can find examples of both. TCU in basketball is an example of building facilities to attract a marque coach and to help with recruitment. How much did they invest? Are they getting a return? I would argue the arrows are pointing in the right direction for them. In our instance, the football program is so far down, the strategy is to build the facilities to attract the next coach (unless Beaty completely shocks the football world and there is no evidence to support that premise). Additionally, should realignment take off again (and it will), Kansas will be positioned as far as stadium and facilities, like it or not, to be an attractive target which can meet the bar in the big money world of college football. To wait until the next coach can hopefully recruit and coach their way out of this mess, AND THEN RAISE THE MONEY AND BUILD THE FACILITIES, could be too late. Actually, when the equation has all of the variables included, I think the proposed strategy is the right strategy for us at this time.

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Jayhawks topple Duke in OT to reach Final Four

We're playing with House Money now.

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Game day Breakdown: No. 6 KU basketball at Oklahoma State

Will be interesting how we play now the heat is off, and how Coach coaches. Will they play focused and relaxed, and be even more lethal from 3? Or will their intensity wane while the Pokes fight for their post-season life. Also interesting to see the crowd attending. KU fans are always there in numbers as the drive isn't that far. Their place was sold out and rocking back in the day of Eddie Sutton teams. Not so much these days. The Thunder and their legions down here rob from the the crowds at both OU and OSU games.

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Bill Self won't be surprised if under-the-radar team emerges as 2018 national champ

Did I miss it? No mention of Wichita State here? I think they would have a place on the list. Or maybe they are considered a notch above the others listed. Maybe a 3 or 4 seed? The odds go up for us to play them again in the tournament and/or to draw Missouri if they get in. Both would be tough and it would take our best.

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Jayhawks need consistency from 'X-factor' Lagerald Vick in coming weeks

Let's be honest here. We all love LaGerald and yearn for him to be consistently successful. His physical skills are unquestioned. His potential seems unlimited at times. But there is growing evidence (I admit from afar) LV has some mild psychological issues which may limit his performance. Does he sulk? Pout? Lack self-confidence, or does he struggle with interest and motivation? Not sure. Do the other personalities on the team soak up so much of the air in the room that he struggles to express himself. He looks painfully shy on the interviews. Will maturity as a senior help? Maybe. He is running out of time. He could struggle to be a starter next year with some of the players coming in and the continued development of Marcus Garrett. For one thing, I don't think LV likes physical contact. He seems to prefer clean air. Given, he only weighs a buck and three quarters, but you have to grow into enjoying contact. Svi, Devonte and Malik have made huge strides here. Marcus doesn't shy away. The only way to learn to enjoy and find success going to the hole is doing it. I don't see that happening this time in the year. So my guess we will have to live the rest of this season with the appearances and disappearances of LaGerald Vick.

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