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Kansas basketball finishes 2019-20 season ranked No. 1 in both major polls

This team will, ironically, never be forgotten, because of what they accomplished and what they were not given opportunity to finish. They will always be talked about as one of the best KU teams fate took away in the midst of an historical, infamous moment in history.

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Marcus Garrett: 'We felt like it was our year'

Marcus is a badass and he can play on my team anytime. One of the most versatile KU players I can ever remember. There are small Swiss Army knives, and there are bigger ones with more tools. Dude, you are one of the big fat ones.

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Game day - No. 5 Kansas basketball vs. No. 23 Oklahoma

OK. I was feeling pretty confident until I read this article and now here I am, back in an anxious state. Yikes! Need to call my therapist whose care I'm in this year. It's a new one from last year. Last year's decided to move out of state. OU sounds way better than their ranking and they will be gunning for us. Pacing starts about 4p.

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Ezra Naylor determined to evolve as WR with KU football

Probably this is the type of kid this staff will have to build this program back from the dark hole (or continue building on what has been started by the previous group). Late bloomers, from immaturity into maturing, risk players who may fail, juco, 2-star HS with a chance to develop. A rare walk-on, transfers, that 4-star, or rare 5-star who wants to be a part of a tipping point experience who can magnetize others to get on board. I think the missing piece Les Miles brings is street cred that can be sustained based on his success and history. Beaty had very little street cred when he came and it was uphill. I would predict 2 or 3 wins next year. But in year 2 we will know. I know they had to shell out a bunch of money for these coaches, but I think they need to get started with the fundraising to renovate the stadium. My guess is they are probably already in "silent phase" of that process and plan to make an announcement at the right moment and after they have already gotten the pledges secured on a number of lead gifts. Hey, we are still reading about football right before conference play! It's a start.

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Les Miles and KU football open early signing period by adding to 2019 recruiting class

Looks like to me Les Miles is bringing in a great group of coaches. I love him keeping Hull and Bowen. Very smart. There probably are some unsigned high school and juco players out there which will be added along with some 5th year graduates to get to the 15. But the truth is, Miles et .al. are back in the familiar Catch 22 of KU football recruiting. No winning legacy at a basketball school. No Saturday afternoon packed stadium crowds to show recruits. Hopefully, the returning team with the new players can at least match the 3 wins we had this year so we God forbid don;t drop back to 0 to 1 wins. The situation is not that far off off of what Snyder inherited at Kansas State. Can he do it? The force of his style and personality will be critical on the field, recruiting and in the fundraising side of the ledger to turn this think around. We know he can coach. Can he get enough good players in our current situation? That is the question.

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Former Mizzou D-lineman Caleb Sampson commits to KU football

Caleb just had the guts to do what most Missouri athletes secretly want to for the Jayhawks! Will he have security with him when he visits his family for holiday events? I think it should be provided. You can 't trust these people. Like most WV fans, they are not totally civilized, but worse. Welcome, Caleb! Get across over here as fast as you can.

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Dedric Lawson takes over late to sneak Kansas past New Mexico State

Coach ain't happy. "Lagerald had a bad Thursday." What does that mean? Why does it feel like Lagerald has a hard time dealing with prosperity and is slipping backward again? Does he pout, or sulk? The young man is an enigma. Does this team have a leader? It may be a freshman in Devon. Dedric? Maybe. Coach is already coaching for next Saturday and you can't tell me how bad he wants this one. He wants it bad.

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Bill Self on Les Miles being hired as KU's next football coach

Let's see...40 coaches in KU football history. Eight coaches in KU basketball history. Is that 4 of the football coaches during Bill Self's tenure? Let's hope we don't equal the number of football coaches during his tenure as we have basketball coaches in our history. We know Les Miles can coach. But can he recruit at Kansas? You have to be able to get players and lots of them.

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New Adidas lawsuit emerges as KU reviews its options with apparel company; civil suit alleges KU coaches knew of payments

How in the world could we ever in good conscience ever sign the contract with Adidas? It may be totally on the up and up, but the optics would be terrible. Regardless, we surely can't sign it until the whole mess in completely cleaned up. And that may be years. And we really can't do anything with Nike right now. Maybe we talk to LaVar Ball and Big Baller!

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How deeply will NCAA dig into KU's recruiting? That question and others still loom after trial

Regardless of the outcome of the "scandal," (and KU has almost no control the direction the NCAA will take on this) what happens between the University and Addidas? That $191 million, or whatever, contract on Girod's desk must be white hot to the touch. It you sign that deal, it all might be on the up and up, but the optics are terrible. I think it's time to come out of the tunnel sporting some new kicks with a big swoosh on them. Of course Nike is likely doing similar things. But it's the optics.

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