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Opinion: Ben McLemore also stands out when blending in

1 = point guard
2 = combo/shooting guard
3 = small forward
4 = power forward
5 = center

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Rising above: Ben McLemore elevates above adversity

Ben is the first Jayhawk I've seen since Rush who exceeded my expectations by far for an incoming player. His ability to do whatever he wants when he has the ball in his hand is just an absolute joy to watch. He'll get his 3 ball stroke come Big12 time, but right now he's still getting into the groove of a real college game. What a great kid to watch out there, so much fun. Normally Jaybate, I'd rip all over you for comparing this kid to Jordan. I didn't watch Jordan in college, so I don't know what his game was like, but the kid sure floats around the rim like Jordan did in the NBA...

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Travis Releford MVP as KU upends Billikens

Between the CBE Classic not being included in season ticket packages, the $70 lower level price tag, the poor tournament field, and the fact that KU plays 3 games in 2 weeks at the Sprint Center, I don't think people were really up for it.

Last night was better than Monday, but at $70/ticket to see SLU or Wazzu during a holiday week, people have better/other things to do with their time and money.

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Travis Releford MVP as KU upends Billikens

Sadly, besides KU the field for the CBE tourney was pretty pathetic. The big name guys were out in Hawaii, or are going to Atlantis. CBE needs to step it up on the teams they invite. Having one home team, whether its KU, KSU, or MU, does not excite people enough about this tournament. No reason to send the top announcers to call games for the likes of Wazzu or SLU.

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Cameroon center Joel Embiid to play basketball at KU

Rock Chalk baby... the future is bright at KU.

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Jeff Withey says ‘funk’ history

I'm not sure, but anyone who names their kid Dickie, with a last name of Nutt, has a great sense of humor.

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Bill Self: Rotation starting to come clear

Can we just tell Jeff that it's the NCAA tournament to let him get mad? I want to see the angry Withey face! ANGRY WITHEY!!

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Self upset with 'miserable' offense following KU's 62-50 win over Washburn

Let me give you a lesson in Geography real quick. Lawrence, Kansas is about 40 minutes west of this place called "Kansas City", where there are more University of Kansas alumni living than the entire town of Lawrence. The biggest TV market for the University of Kansas is this place called Kansas City. There are a good portion of those who live in this "Kansas City" who live on the Missouri side of the border, and who would be the target audience for these political ads.

Don't hurt yourself thinking about this anymore than you already have.

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Michael Cummings clear No. 1

842 1212.... gotta calllll pizzza shuttle!!!!!

I'm drunk in KC and want burrito king, and the wheel. Cabs are too expensive.


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KU football seeks improvement from sad-sack special teams

I don't, but coaching and practice can fix that. The kid has a boot... Better than what we have now.

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