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7th-ranked Kansas fights for hard-earned, 78-75 win over rival Wildcats in Manhattan

Gritty win. Pack was fantastic--out of his mind. Our kids' will to win and desire to push it over the finish line was impressive. Ugly wins count as much as "easy wins." This was a fun one to watch (since we won).

Were we not at all good in the interior defense the first half? We were horrible. DM and JW countered (kind of) by rebounding, when we had the opportunity. First line defense near the rim needs to get a lot better, obviously.

KSU beat TTU, UT, and lost a number of games by just a few points. They could easily be a top 20 team if they had just a bit more toughness in them, slightly stronger front court, or with a little more luck. I'm guessing they will find it before season's end.

Glad the second game is in Allen with these folks.


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Border Blowout: Junior guard Christian Braun sparks KU's 102-65 win over Missouri

How is there no mention of Chris Teahan's "3" (and mullet!) to lift the lid on 100? Crowd here in HOU went nuts!! With more than a tip O' the hat to brother Christian, who played such a big part in 2012, that would be a fun story!

Rock Chalk.

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Game day breakdown: No. 8 Kansas basketball at St. John's

Matt--Will you be publishing your take on Mark Turgeon's run and departure at Maryland? I will always cheer for a KU alum as the coaching tree grows, with only a few (or one) destination off-limits (but that would never happen anyway). Is Maryland basketball like Texas football concerning their expectations, or is something else going on?

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Lance Leipold on Jalon Daniels and KU’s close call at TCU

Matt, Brendon---I echo Keith's observation on the audio. How can you not have the audio figured out in this day and age?

Love the articles and insights---time for a tech upgrade on the videos? It can't be that hard.

Narrator: "It's not that hard."


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Inconsistencies plague Jayhawks in 2nd half again during 52-33 loss at Duke

Better. Improvement...saw a little bit more than "baby steps" this week on a years-long journey.

We need to be stronger and bigger longer term, but the flashes from the freshmen--also from JB and others did not go unnoticed.


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2021 Rock Chalk Roundball Classic — Full Spectrum Sports Broadcast

Fun to see that. Appreciate all who came back for those kids, and for the KU family. "It's bigger than you." applies to all of us.


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A look at KU's options if departures by Oklahoma and Texas put the Big 12 in jeopardy


Honest question--What does the AAU designation get you as a university? Research money? Something else? If so, does that compare with TV money for sports? Just trying to understand the dynamics of the $$ conversation.

On the sports--a move to the B1G leaves us with a yearly basketball schedule with Michigan, MSU, Wisconsin, Maryland, Ohio State, Indiana, and others...a "Great Eight" game, every other game. That could be fun.

(I know we already do not shy away from the toughest schedules--just looking for positives).

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Lagerald Vick taking 'leave of absence' from KU basketball team

I'm in the camp of "adversity can sharpen the spear"...or something like like. Leadership, toughness, maturity...the raw will to win...have all been absent most of the year. Maybe it's "this" last punch that gets Rocky up off the mat and leads us to the super bowl....

Mixed metaphors are the best....

Best to Mr. Vick. Rock Chalk

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No. 2 Kansas outlasts No. 5 Tennessee to stay undefeated

Agreed Brett---not playing yet as a gelled team, but I think you can see it coming. Whatever level of "toughness" they held at the beginning of the game, it increased a little by the end.

The Jayhawks improved in this game. Rock Chalk.

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Jeff Long hired as KU's new athletic director

In Drue Jennings I trust. Rock Chalk Jeff Long!

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