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Quick recap: Kansas dismantled by Texas Tech in 91-62 defeat

Garrett is neutral. Did you see how they don't guard him when we are on O. He hits about 50% of his layups.

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Jayhawks demolished by Red Raiders in worst conference loss under Bill Self

Brad, please help me. Win the NCAA? So far it appears this team has learned very little. I think one win in the NCAA would be the ceiling for this team. Watching the Hawks for over 50 years and that's the worst so far. You learn when you show progress, like beating good teams on their court. We have yet to do that. Sorry.

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No. 9 Kansas drops 71-63 decision at No. 8 Kentucky during SEC/Big 12 Challenge

Neither can play D and to this point in the season show no O.

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Benton Smith: No. 9 Jayhawks can put marquee loss behind them

1-4 on the road. ouch! unless SD is cleared we have major issues.

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No. 9 Kansas drops 71-63 decision at No. 8 Kentucky during SEC/Big 12 Challenge

Not a good sign when you are OK with a L. Coach and players seem OK with that. I see hard times ahead and no Big 12 title.

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Tom Keegan: Carter Stanley should remain the team's starting QB

OK. Enough is enough. Beaty has to go. I thought the average KU fan was to harsh on him, given what CW left us. But his post game comments are the absolute end. To summarize his statement, 'just because we score a few points, I have to look at the film'. Question, what is a quarteback's job? To score. We can thank the previous Chancellor for costing KU Athletic's millions of dollars for the AD and HFC extensions. She was a total train wreck as well.

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Notebook: RB Pooka Williams cleared for debut ‘late, late’ Friday night

Think the Pooka thing thru. My guess another NCAA eligibility issue. Out of our my hands, can't comment, ect....

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No fear: Oklahoma State completes season sweep of Big 12 champion Kansas

Call or no call, this group can really stink it up.. Sweet 16 is about the max for this group. Hate to say it, 'Wait till next year'.

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Unprecedented: Jayhawks top Texas Tech, surpass UCLA's conference title streak

Count me among the doubters. Sorry. What a run. Just maybe this is another '8' year? Congrats to all the boys and as usual great coaching.

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