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Comeback kids: A look at the top rallies in the Bill Self era

While the regular season comebacks were all good, I rate those in the NCAAs higher because of the "lose and go home" element. Therefore, I agree with Tait that the comeback against Purdue in 2012 rates number 1 aka number 3 (I do agree that the win over MU would be no. 2 even though it was regular season.) And it is nice to read about the several comeback wins Self has had in the NCAA tourneys considering some of the frustrating losses he has suffered in that venue.
A fun article to, Thanks.

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KU basketball notebook: Morris twins runners-up in Vegas

You are right about the 2 players deserving more hype, but in the 50's and 60's there was no internet, ESPN, or other 24 hour sports stations. There was only daily newspapers and the 5 minutes of sports at the end of TV newscasts. So, while they might have had an equal or greater % of the hype pie, the pie itself was much smaller.

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McLemore: Summer league struggles correctable

Happy to read that Keef is continuing to tear up summer league. Marcus probably has a lot to learn playing the SF but I have to think he will also do very well in AZ. When Manning was made Asst Coach of the Bigs, I thought that would bode well for KU players doing well in the NBA at the 4 and 5. And of course Hudy factors into this as well. Good to see Keef demonstrating this.
So far as Ben, not surprised his lack of strong ball handling skills is hurting him. And that will be a lot worse in the regular season. He has a lot to learn in that regard. I am surprised about his shooting problems. Could be related to the better D he is facing now. But, as ahpers....... says, he will keep banking the checks in the meantime. A part of me enjoys seeing the NBA overpay for "potential" in underclassmen even when they are former KU players.

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Painful reminders: A look at Bill Self’s saddest setbacks

Like many, I did not enjoy this article but I did read it along with the comments. As they say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. And starting with the 1953 loss to Indiana in the NC game I have become one strong old SOB.
IMHO, only Bedore got it pretty much right because in my mind you cannot compare losses during the regular season to those that keep you from getting a shot at an NC. I would put the VCU loss as number one because that was an NC we could very well have won. That moves this year's Meechigan loss to number 2 and I would agree with the remainder of Bedore's picks.
Since someone insists on bringing up football on a basketball forum, I put the 1968 Orange Bowl loss to Penn State as the worst ever loss due to a double screw up by a coach. First Pepper did not kick the extra point length field goal on 4th down that would have iced the game and then the infamous 12 man defense.

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Jeff Withey finally makes his pro debut

Actually I did mention Mk Morris doing well for the Suns a few posts above. While they look to be in great shape that is pretty typical of all successful NBA players. Both the twins have a more complete game than T-Rob, especially on O. And the NBA showed unusual foresight by drafting Mk slightly ahead of Mc which certainly surprised me at the time.

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Jeff Withey finally makes his pro debut

Thanks! Wilt grabbing the opponents' shots out of the air reminded me of a game I saw in 1958. Opponent put up an 8 footer from the side which Wilt blocked back to him. He quickly put it up again with same result. So the kid is standing there in shock with the ball. Then Wilt backs up a couple of steps and points up so the guy shoots it again and this time instead of blocking it Wilt grabbed it out of the air. Crowd went totally nuts.

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Jeff Withey finally makes his pro debut

One of the big differences between College ball and the NBA is college coaches have to make do with who they have successfully recruited along with their returning players. So, they do as you say and design game plans to capitalize on their players' strengths and minimize their weaknesses. Not so in the NBA where they sign, release, and trade players at will to find the players that best fit their system whatever that may be. It would appear that T-Robs particular set of strengths and weaknesses do not fit well with any NBA team's system or needs. In contrast, Mk Morris seems to have the right stuff for the Phoenix Suns where he ended the season with a very strong performance and is looking good in the Summer league.

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Super subs: A look at the best bench players in the Bill Self era

I think more like the 11th. As I recall, all the other bigs got into foul trouble against UNC so he was put in and stepped up big time. I do not recall that he had other critical minutes his freshman year.

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Super subs: A look at the best bench players in the Bill Self era

Collins 07-08 certainly made the biggest contribution. I always figured he would have been the consistent starter before mid-season except for his knee injury at CU. Then I would go with Arthur, Kaun,and Kief, in the years mentioned above. Then I gotta go with Perry Ellis this year above any of the others in this article.

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