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Notebook: Kevin Young a cubist; Roy Williams gets warm welcome

Had a lot of resentment when Roy left because it hurt a lot. But, time and coach Self whooping on him a couple of times has eliminated all of that.

I will forever be grateful to Roy for one thing that he accomplished this year though. He got that clown Hubert Davis off of NCAA broadcasts by putting him on his coaching staff. It has been a really nice blessing not to hear that blabbering fool calling games this year!!

At the end of the day, I have a lot of respect for Roy. He's a good guy.

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In sharp focus: Veterans keep Jayhawks on task

Oh, Burrito King...thank you for feeding me and bringing me thru many rough early Sunday mornings after WILD Saturday nights in Larry.

I miss you Burrito King, and pizza from Johnny's and the Wheel too!!

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Ready to roll: Jayhawks make themselves at home

They renovated Tower A for the guys a couple of years back. Definitely not a brand new building, but honestly our guys apartments have better bedrooms and living room areas. They have a lot more space, and king size beds compared to wiltjers room in that video.

The other comparable ammenities that our players use are included in the fieldhouse renovation and practice facility addition. I got lucky and got an insider tour of the new fieldhouse updates and practice facility back in 2011. We have all the same stuff they have in that video its just right accross the street from Tower A in the phog.

Our guys aren't doing too bad on accommodations, definitely not a brand new multi-million dollar building, but they have a spruced up players lounge, training table, and nicely furnished 2 bedroom apartments all at their disposal. No one from either tower A-D uses that lounge much. No telling how old that pic is, but it hasn't changed much since I was a student. I think Self is doing what he can to compete in terms of housing.

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KU's allotment of tourney tickets goes quickly

Tried to scalp tix last weekend for the Big 12 Tourney once I realized they were sold out at the sprint center ticket office. I was AMAZED and befuddled that the clowns out there downtown wanted $250 and up for the K-State game, and $165 and up for ISU. The tix were $65 dollars face value. You’ve got to be kidding me!!!

Called the ticket office Monday morning and found out they were sold out this weekend. Stub-hub has tix starting at $300 on up past a grand. I learned my lesson last weekend and will be cheering my hardest from right here on my couch with an ice cold beverage in hand.

Scalpers are total jerks, I expect to pay over face value, but come on! Plus it is gonna be snowing…get outta here. I love the hawks as much as the next guy, but work too hard to shell out that kind of dough for a couple of hours. Just can't see it.

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KU's Elijah Johnson says Sunday's three-hour team meeting with head coach was productive

Self calls the offensive plays and the defensive sets as well, not EJ. He also plays a major role in the establishing the intensity and effort that our guys run our stuff with. When he sends us out flat, I think he lets our guys have a whole lot more freedom to do things on the court. Often times this works because we have really smart, talented, and gifted athletes. Sometimes it bites us in the butt because we don’t adjust quick enough to pull out the W. Anyhow, if this method of coaching means we win 18 games before we have to experience a loss…I’ll accept the L and roll with Self all the way.

On Saturday, the first half deficit, combined with Smart and Brown’s play in the second half was too much for us. My whole point here is that we win and lose as a team. Lay off of EJ because there is no blame here.

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KU's Elijah Johnson says Sunday's three-hour team meeting with head coach was productive

I’m rolling with Elijah as “my guy” too! The kid has put in way too much time and effort, and has too much experience and seasoning for Self to abandon him now. I’m glad that Coach Self calmed down and had Elijah’s back today by saying that he’s sticking with him. The post game interview that coach gave to Gurly and Bob Davis sure sounded like EJ may very well be seeing the bench and not start against TCU. The wound was fresh, and coach was very angry, we’ll chalk it up to that.

What I don’t understand is how quickly our people can turn on our own guys when we drop one game. It happens every year, and every year we go from a super supportive fan base to an extremely critical one in a matter of minutes. I hated losing our winning streak at home too, but c’mon man!

The comments about EJ from our own fan base after the game were really rough. Too rough, in my opinion for a battle tested senior who is obviously slumping and ailing on his “quilted knees”. EJ’s first half dunk is an indication that he has lost a bit of his explosiveness. I think he’s on the mend though, and deserves the chance to play through this slump. And, what really bothers me even more is that nobody ever puts the blame where it is needed…squarely on the shoulders of the coach.

Don’t get me wrong here, I am as big of a Bill Self Fan as anyone in the Jayhawk Nation! But, we all know that there have been instances where HCBS has been out coached. The first half of the OSU game was another instance. Jaybate always says that Self has the tendency to send our team out flat from time to time, and let them try to figure things out on their own. I think he always does this with Oklahoma State and that’s a contributing factor to being so tough for us to win when we play down there. I don’t think that he coaches well against them because that’s his alma mater, but that’s another story.

I think Coach Self sends our guys out flat and dallies around with certain teams until we dig ourselves into a deep enough hole, and then he begins to “coach us up”. You can tell when the team is being lit into and coached hard because we come out of a timeout with extreme focus, and laser sharp precision and accuracy in all of our set plays. KU can erase a fifteen point deficit in a matter of minutes and we have seen it happen a lot! Part of this can be attributed to coaching intensity and adjustments to what the other team is running.

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Rio Adams dances the sideline at KSU; KU No. 1 in two power rankings

That is exactly what I love about Rio! Dude is buried on the bench...getting no PT at all. But everytime I see him, he's as happy as can be. Looks like he's having the time of his life! You can tell he's a great teammate because he's backing the guys on the floor 110%. That spirit will pay off big for him here in the future.

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Jayhawks’ basketball Class of 2012 ranked 19th

I motion that we add Michael Lee to the Most Underrated team. And, what happened to Nino Jackson out of Oklahoma? I thought for sure that we had him locked as a small guard in this class?

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'Beyond the Phog' excerpt: J.R. Giddens on leaving KU

I went to school with Giddens, and stayed a few rooms away from him in the towers. I always thought he got a bad rap here. He is a very self-confident guy, no doubt. That rubbed some folks the wrong way. He was always really chill and cool with me. Definitely not the villian that he was made out to be.

His story is one that makes me know for certain that all things happen for a reason. His tragedy in Lawrence turned into ultimate triumph for him. Lots of success followed for him at New Mexico, and Doc Rivers saw potential in him when we thought he had been counted out. Went on to play professionally in the league and overseas. A bad situation made good. He fulfilled his dream of playing for pay and made the millions that we all dream of.

We seemed to be okay after he left too!! So, all in all, it actually worked out well for everybody in the end. And, it's all water under the bridge now. Quiet as it's kept, JR still has friends in, and ties to Lawrence. He pops into town every so often. He doesn't hate us like this excerpt makes it seem...this reads like a story that the book really could have done without.

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Recap: Startling numbers about KU's recent losses as a double-digit favorite in the NCAAs

WAY to tough on Josh, he had a bad game but he has been in a funk and Self knew it. If there is one criticism that I have of our coach it's that he sticks with his favorites to the detriment of the team. I understand that he likes a 8 deep rotation at tournament time but not going deeper into the bench KILLED us.

No mention of Tyrels stats at all, but no player out there shot worse than he did because he shot so many bricks in the second half and was too scared to even shoot it in the first. The numbers are skewed because they cant account for the number of shots attempted. Tyrel is a senior and so is Brady, the team goes the way of their leadership. Josh contributed to the loss no doubt, but no more than anybody else on the floor.

Marcus and Tyshawn came to play, Kieff finished with a double-double, but we did not play our A game and it should be considered a TEAM loss. Tough luck line to the team, not an injured freshman still in the injury funk who killed himself to do what his coach asked him to do.

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