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Opinion: Youth, college baseball ranks need more knucklers

You are dead on. I played some semi-pro ball and we had a guy in our league who was about 40 and a kunckleballer. hated facing him but we always did OK except for one day when there was a 20 mph wind blowing straight out at him. He was unhittable. The ball was jumping so much it would look like it was down the middle and the catcher would end up diving for it.

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KU football adds Miami Ohio wide receiver Nick Harwell

Well said. And regardless of his background, one minor mistake should not kill anyone's career or opportunity to play. I would classify stealing a cap and gown as minor.

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Andrew Wiggins signing makes this Bill Self's best, not first, reloading job

He's listed at 6'8" and had 28 blocks last year with very limited minutes

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Bill Self does his version of the Ben McLemore dance; Jack Harry says KU deserves Big 12 title

The shared title has worked for us and against us. In two of the three previous shared titles, we lost the head to head match up with the co-winner. Makes it a little hard to complain about sharing it now.

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Jeff Withey, Ben McLemore selected to All-Big 12 first team

I don't have a problem with Weber getting coach of the year. It's not who is the best coach, but who did the best job this year. Recruiting is out because none of those players were recruited this year and the result of this year's recruiting are not in. It's who did the best job with his team from November to March and that is clearly Bruce Weber. He can't hold a candle to Self overall as a coach, but he had a great year.

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Celebrated RB Traevohn Wrench commits to Kansas

Wow! Not even spring practice yet and you're already bagging on the team. Great to fans like you!

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Opinion: Goodbye, Ben McLemore; hello, Andrew Wiggins?

Completely agree. This year is a weak draft and next year will be more competitive. He'll be lucky to make the top 5 next year. Would another year in school help him? Maybe even make him more money in the long run? Possibly, maybe even probably, but he'll make plenty of money and his family needs his help now.

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Cliff’s Notes: Bill Self press conference, 2/28/13

you're a brave man to admit that.

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Two factors key for KU against home favorite Oklahoma State

I would pay to see Jeff Withey do a back flip:)

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Jayhawks ‘Shake’ funk

McLemore is hitting 43% from 3. I think it's even higher in Big 12 play.

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