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Elijah Johnson least of Jayhawks’ worries

EJ is not ready, plain and simple. Bill has a huge decision to make. The MSU game likely will expose the issue to all.

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Baker coach Brett Ballard will be assistant under Danny Manning at Tulsa

Big Man coach is crucial. I would rank them as follows...

- Wayne S.

- Scott P.

- Kareem A.

- Matt D.

All of that said, Jacque is available and he is probably the best overall choice. IMO.

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Monday Rewind: Texas Tech

Halftime adjustments are crucial. This team, defensively, appears incapable of same. Loss of the D Coordinator was devastating.

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Why Kansas is winning the conference realignment game

Jason K.'s right. But it will be the Pac-18 or Pac-20. Count on it.

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Recruits DeAndre Daniels, Jamari Traylor and Trevor Lacey to pick schools Wednesday

Bill Self has suffered the odd problem of too much talent at certain positions the past few years. Even the Championship year. Let's see if the current talent pool can be molded once again into a League Champion, or better.

I have a good feeling that Robinson, Taylor, Releford et al are going to surprise people. These guys are elite players, and they are surrounded by others with promise, e.g. Johnson, McLemore, Withey. It sure should be fun to watch them develop over the course of the season.

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Memory lane: Former KU basketball coach Ted Owens reminisces about faces, places over the years

It's good to see Ted honored once again.

Fine man. I too enjoyed the Darnell V. era while a student there. Ted let him roam, and he was the finest athlete I ever saw on a ball court.

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Former KU football coach Mark Mangino would be a good fit at Nebraska

Mark Mangino was a lawsuit or three waiting to happen. Count on it. Staff, players - all were potential legal threats for KU. He had to go.

Good luck Nebraska. Hire a good lawyer if/when you hire the Big Man.

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KU coach Self lauds Booths for buying Naismith's rules

Just like every day...

It's a great day to be a Jayhawk.

Thanks Booth family!!

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KU football notes: Jayhawks land Texas LB

Mr. Coe is the real deal. My son encountered him this past Summer at a combine and later said to me: 'Dad, the guy should just skip college altogether and head to the NFL.'

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Don’t forget Reesing

Kudos to Chuck for his terrific timing. Todd must not, will not, cannot be forgotten. One of the all-time greats in Kansas football history. Orange Bowl win was something, but I put his pass to Meier to beat Mizzou as my favorite Kansas football memory of all time.

I know you want the chance to beat the market, Todd, but you can do that and play/coach football too. I think you'll be a killer at whatever you choose. Don't give up on the gridiron just yet!

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