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Realignment Today: Report pegs KU Chancellor Douglas Girod as part of Big 12's expansion committee

I like the idea of going big, and getting all the military academies. Army-Navy, Army-AF, AF-Navy, would all draw large national audience. BYU is a national brand. UNLV => Vegas. CSU => Denver. UCF => Orlando. USF => Tampa. San Diego. Some places people actually like traveling.

Air Force
UNLV or Boise St
San Diego St or Boise St
Kansas St
Oklahoma St
Texas Tech
Colorado St

Iowa St
West Virginia
Central Florida

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Why OC Andy Kotelnicki views KU football offense as 6-headed dragon

6-headed dragon was explained. They are going to master 6 things and be able to execute from any formation they run. Good. That's what KU football needs. Do something - do anything - with excellence.

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KU hires Lance Leipold to take over Jayhawks' football program

KU football will return to being competitive and eventually winning under Leipold. Great hire by Goff. Finally a good coach and an AD who understands football.

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Mark Mangino: 'I won't be returning to Kansas'

Mangino's final year didn't look anything like any team since he was outed (they didn't suck, and wouldn't lose to an FCS team). 5-7 Mangino is not 3-9 Beaty. Reesing and Meier battled injuries. Still, the team averaged 421 yards per game, which is what Michigan is averaging this year. K-State got rid of Snyder in 2005 because he went 4-7 and 5-6 consecutively. That was a big mistake that was corrected in 2009. Great coaches have down years for various reasons. At schools like KU and KSU a coach shouldn't be let go for a down year or two after proving success. Mangino wasn't Mr. Nice guy. Neither are Saban, Urban Meyer, Snyder, Harbaugh, Leach, Gundy, etc. Mangino is officially not coming back, but if Long is smart he will hire someone similar.

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Tom Keegan: Coaching search thoughts and a farewell to Lawrence

Good luck Keegan. Thanks for having the guts to write truthful articles even when it wasn't popular with some. Will miss your humor and insights. All the best.

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Matt Tait: Best advice for KU AD Jeff Long: Go with your guy

In reply to Dane, yes, you're right. However, is it any more difficult at KU now than it was for Mangino? Or Snyder at KSU? Is it more difficult at KU than for a MAC or Sunbelt coach? Why can teams like Toledo, Appl St, or Troy be so competitive with P5 schools given equal or lesser resources? Unsuccessful KU coaches and administration have used resources as an excuse. The only valid excuse for Zenger or Perkins is if BGL or a powerful donor refused to let them hire who they wanted. KU has more resources than many smaller FBS teams but has hired the wrong coaches since Mangino. I guarantee KU will be much improved if Mike Stoops, Leavitt, Doeren, Venables, Candle, Monken, Fritz, or Littrell is hired. Weis wasn't very successful given the resources of ND. It's mostly about finding a great college coach. Resources are secondary.

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Matt Tait: Best advice for KU AD Jeff Long: Go with your guy

Odds of success are greater with someone from the Snyder or Stoops coaching tree. This article supports that. Zenger worked under Snyder. I still don't understand how he failed to hire a Snyder guy. I guess Beaty was sort of connected through Mangino, but was never an OC or DC at the P5 level. Good luck.

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As coaching search continues, Jeff Long returns to Lawrence on flight from Dallas

Is Mike Stoops interested in the job? Would be a good choice despite the ending at OU. He has a history of hiring good assistant coaches.

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