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Opinion: Rice key test for KU

I've been going to Hawk games year after year for more than 40 years. This year's team looks a lot like other losing teams we have had. I especially hated to see all the mental mistakes - penalties. I think penalties are generally a coaching problem in not getting the players to focus their attention on each and every play.

Medicore play aside, I was pleased to see a very nice 45 yard field goal! The kicking game can win some games and it's nice to have what seems to be a good kicker on the team.

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Box score breakdown: 3 positives and negatives following KU's win over South Dakota

I was overly excited about our chances when the game began but quickly came back to earth and realized that in fact nothing much had changed on KU's football team. Darn.

But I really did enjoy the late flyover!

Based upon the vanilla play against a team that was dead last in their conference last year, I don't think the Hawks have much chance against Rice. Prove this old alum wrong, boys!!

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13 things we'll find out about KU football during the 2013 season

Beating ksu will be the biggest game for me. I can wait, however, and I am looking forward to a good season. Go Hawks.

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Opinion: Sneak peek at KU football whets appetite for 2013 season

Just as long as we beat ksu. I've got a lot at stake with that game. Come on Hawks. Get 'em!

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Jayhawk fans could benefit from cheap Sweet 16 and Elite Eight ticket prices

I'll be watching with my son and his family and friends and we will be toasting many times to the Mighty Kansas Jayhawks from comfortable leather seats on Friday nite. My TX daughter and her husband will be attending the game and are fortunate enough to have VIP tickets.

Go Kansas!

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What do you think of KU's draw in the NCAA Tournament?

Tremendous play last week. The team is coming on strongly and that, to me, is a good sign. Defense is the key, and KU's "D" was excellent last week and if it continues like that we'll likely have a long run. GO JAYHAWKS!

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Bear-ly worth celebrating: KU blown out by Baylor but ties for Big 12 crown

I didn't like the outcome of yesterday's game at all. And when the opportunity to claim the 9th became possible I would have thought that would have been more aggressive to get it. I'm having trouble thinking this edition will do much with the coming tourney. I know this looks to be an anybody can win tourney, but still thinking KU will go deep is difficult to grasp. Even the Big 12 tourney.

Oh well. I'll be rooting for the Mighty Kansas Jayhawks from the sunny, warm Texas beach. Maybe the rout yesterday will spur something positive. Go Big Blue.

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Bill Self: Landen Lucas will ‘be a load’

I enjoyed reading the posts. Gonna be a great game on Saturday. Come on, Hawks. Let's show the conference how tough we can be. Play smart. Play strong. Let's get this game taken care of and then move on to Kansas City. Take care of business. Forget the lesser school down the river.

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Two factors key for KU against home favorite Oklahoma State

It. Will. Be. Hard. To. Win. On. The. Road. But we will.

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Opinion: Naadir Tharpe big reason nightmare stretch is over

Tharpe?!!??!! This is the player that everyone is hanging his hat on!??!! One half of play?!?!?! Couple of savy dribbles and passes!!?? Oh my...

Well, I hope you're all right on this.

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