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BCS gig long time coming for Gill

Doc - not to jump the gun here on HCTG, but he may be better than you think...

From the Buffalo News....
"Turner Gill's recruiting classes are getting better and better," said Dave Schuman, founder and director of Schuman's National Underclassmen Combines. "This year, from where it was last year, is much better. Some of the kids he signed were MVPs of our combine camps and those camps included some kids who signed with Texas, Stanford and Ohio State."

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BCS gig long time coming for Gill

Mikendal- I live in Lincoln, my wife's a husker and all I've been hearing for the last 2 days is that this guy is a good coach and person. I, as many, have been a bit skeptical of the hire, however I think if he can get a few big recruits, maybe even steal a few from up here KU fans will have no problem embracing him for many years to come. Good luck to HCTG and Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

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What if KU stuns Texas?

Oops! You did say to much. Don't go there man. This has nothing to do with race and you are throwing out a lot of speculation. In fact, most of the comments on here are based purely on speculation, not many facts. What do I know that is fact? I have friends who stand on the sidelines at the NU games here in Lincoln where I live. The Pelini bros. drop the F bomb on players, refs, and each other the entire game. In fact, HCBo told a player he was a Co@# sucker a few weeks back with my friend standing right there. If we think this is isolated at KU and not happening at the "big" schools, we're only fooling ourselves.
Once again, not defending those comments or HCMM if he crossed the line, just that we need to open our eyes a little bit.

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What if KU stuns Texas?

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Probe aims to determine if Mangino went too far

Sorry, didn't leave my sources... - Sports Science video


Just so you know I'm not making that up...

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Probe aims to determine if Mangino went too far

Curiosity got to me. Thought I would do some research on average pounds of pressure delivered by a football player...lets say Artist Wright. According to Sports Science measurements a vicious hit could measure up to 4800 lbs of presure equal to a 35 mph car crash. According to the author of "Physics of Football" an average hit, average mind you, can put up to 1600 lbs of pressure on the body. I would guess that a poke in the chest is considerably less. Nevermind the head blows these players give each other after a good play by smacking each other in the helmet. Just some food for thought for those who think a poke in the chest is assualt.

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Game balls and Gassers

Lance, couldn't have said it better myself. I watched this game on VersesHD from 400 miles away and couldn't believe the HUGE gapping hole in the student section. The TV did a nice job at not showing the students much and focusing on the portion of the stadium that did hang around. Still not sure why we offer that many seats to students who either don't come or won't stay past half.

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Gary Bedore’s KU basketball notebook

KU - didn't I read somewhere that Brady's dad offered to pay for school in order to free up a scholarship? Help me out with this one anybody?

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Gary Bedore’s KU basketball notebook

NebJay - That was the first thing I thought of as well.

oljahwk - I found this on (interestingly enough, the article is about the process Tyshawn had to go through to come to KU)

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FINAL: Michigan State uses late comeback to take down KU, 67-62

frompekka2sasha - First of all, I don't claim to be a genius but simply a fan giving an opinion, second, my vote? Well I'd put my vote in for the big fella. 17 points, 14 rebounds, 4 blocks. SC did an amazing job with the double teams, but made too many bad decisions down the stretch. I am in no way blaming him, but the weight of having to make a play because neither Brady or Tyrel would shoot it, Tyshawn couldn't shoot it and Cole was being mauled underneath had to be overwhelming. I'm positive I would have done no better! IF, and thats a big if, SC does come back, we have to develop some shooters to compliment his drives to the hoop. Once again, this team has gone FAR beyond many peoples, including my own, expectations. I'm proud of them for where they have come from and am excited about what they will be next year. RCJ!!

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