goshenjhawk 13 years, 7 months ago

Oakville, i love it.... why not 15-1?:) and couldn't have put it any better "we show our loyalty and dedication by having faith that KU should win every game and that it should be no surprise"..... That is what KU and its fans are about. I hope I never see KU fans take the court after a win like last night. Even if it was the hated Mizzou felines.

Woody Cragg 11 years, 6 months ago

Please let me express my most sincere hopes and wishes on the birth of your son. You've a huge task ahead of you now that will never really end. Eight or eighty they're still your baby. Our son in Elkhart has only been married since last May & wants children also but is working full time & starting school this next week, so can't really plan that out now. His wife actually works 2 jobs so children are not an option at present. Hopefully that changes in the near future as they are in their early 30's with the clock ticking on. You are quite fortunate to live in the Aimish country as about the most important value for a young family is the appreciation and discipline that spirituality will place in your lives. These are wonderful times for you and your wife now and God Bless you all. Sincerely, Phil

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