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Self sees matchup options with big backcourt

HCBS may have more options with these guys than any he's had before. But IMO the leash will still be short if they can't defend. He can always replace freshman & sophomores with more freshman & sophomores. Bring on coach Konsonants & the Dookies-let's see what these kids are made of. Faster, faster, let's get it on!

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Kansas hoops recruiting on a roll

You can recount all the philosophical altercations with jaybate & other board rats from the past that you like, but I didn't just get off the watermelon truck or begin reading the comments & stories on LJW. I was born & raised here, went to school here & so have all of my children. And since you have focused on an element of a previous spontaneous comment of mine for a historical benchmark, and since you so humbly lauded that you have so many KU connections, may I bear witness that my Father vaulted in the initial KU Relays the year Memorial Stadium was opened, and I've an antique King Edward cigar box full of real gold & silver medals from his participation in the relays from 1924-26, plus dozens of pewter loving cups (trophies) on granite, marble, & wooden bases from the Drake relays as well, and that he held the class A KSHSAA pv record for over 40 years with a Bamboo pole. Not such a big deal, huh? Many of us are aware that you & jaybate have jabbered & jabbed continually for years & continued to do so until the fb change. Why one cannot let things go & just move on or away is always a puzzle to me. Also if you are suggesting that I have, with some metaphysical or clairvoyant ability predicted a forthcoming or future change of participation on this board, allow me to just say this, "no one is promised tomorrow." Joe, why should you assume plain nonsense? Yet another puzzle. So if for some reason you wish to justify & spin others comments into assumptions that are supposed to give you a pass on your past activity on LJW, or suggest that personal threats should force you to go ahead & sneetch to whomever you may, or if intended civility, personal vindication, or the absence of plain Oprah like, touchy feely talking may be the reason for your issues with jaybate, save the rationale for the rats that just showed up here in the past few days, not those of us that are familiar with your history on this site. Apparently, by your own admissions, you have had some security issues with the LJW site already, so you should certainly be familiar with the reasons that one cannot just say anything he likes without repercussions, or have a fb account that becomes an easy target for scammers or outright criminals. But check this, not everyone out there on fb, or even driving down the road in a truck depends on some big brother bs, or the local sheriff for adequate personal protection or vigilance-oft times that is way too late. Personally, I think you just may be grinding an axe a tad over the issues with jaybate. But FYI should you grind an axe just throw it away as you ruin it, the proper tool to use is a file. Also, save a reply, remember we must keep it civil-dry is OK too if it yanks the crank.

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Kansas hoops recruiting on a roll

All of you make great analytical assessments. Nice, orderly, civil, constructive conversations for sure. Yet we all visit here for varied reasons, & my gut feeling is that there is missing the element of spontaneity, objective criticism, and the unique cleverness of humor that was brought to the table on virtually every article. In plain English-the conversations are just dry. JMO

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Kansas hoops recruiting on a roll

Makes no diff to me, Is not the NSA that one is concerned about-you're right they can get what they want anytime. rest assured so can the local sheriff or police. It's the bi-polar basement trolls & wanna be nut cases that you must remain vigilant about. I don't need to digress-just wish to see some wit & humor occasionally from those who were genuinely clever enough to post it. These boards have simply begun to dry up instead of being the vibrant chat they once were. Good stories here from qualified writers, but you can get that anywhere. What you can't find is an avid fanbase as we have experienced here, just anywhere. Many contributors to this site have spent time with Phog, Clyde & Wilt, and unless you recently changed your handle, you just began on this site a few days ago & would appreciate what some of the JB's & Oakville's & HEM's have brought to the table for many years.

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Kansas hoops recruiting on a roll

On a very sincere side note, where are all the great & witty board rats that were online daily before the FB change? Aloha, Oakville, jaybate-calling all avid Jayhawk fans; there are a couple of sites set up with well over a hundred former LJW members & counting. One is and another is Many great & familiar Jayhawk fans are joining daily. You always can post wherever you wish-here, there, hither & yon, but scads of guys will no longer be in discussions here. This site has great inside info & stories, but the boards are not exactly what we could call "smokin'" anymore. Also, the alternative sites are improving constantly, and you can still comment with anonymity. There is always room for the PHOFers that have unfortunately been forced into silence here.

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Kansas hoops recruiting on a roll

Had to gas up one Christmas eve in Memphis about 15 yrs ago, & took an exit at Beal St. Bad decision for a guy in a white Fleetwood. With winos & druggies at every street corner, bet I ran half dozen stop lights getting back on the interstate in one piece. That Cadillac ran like a Zebra.

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Jayhawks show 10K fans reluctance to run

Sinking this site is not an option, but discussions among passionate fans has certainly taken a huge step backwards here. Many guys just feel betrayed by LJW & you need to grasp the perspective why. This message board has up close reporting for sure, but some of the most knowledgeable contributors are no longer here. Personally I miss their wit mostly, so essentially there is a lot less to read. Copy is copy no matter where you get it. And some is better than others.

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Jayhawks show 10K fans reluctance to run

Yet his descriptive post above leaves something to be desired. Punks & pimps-please. Certainly we can be more "scholarly" than that.

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Jayhawks show 10K fans reluctance to run

Why would any online news entity silence there phenomenal fan base by making it a requirement to access their most personal information, regardless if it's facebook, twitter, or the man in the friggin' moon? You tell me? Money? The Fed Govt? (NSA) Make a sound rationale for limiting the amount of users that make hits on the site? After all, the reality is that it takes a very tiny amount of personal information to get screwed in this tech age. Makes no sense to me, unless it's part of a deal with Google fiber, or Comcast, or even a forced mandate from Uncle Sam.

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Jayhawks show 10K fans reluctance to run

If they only run when they want to, they're far removed from the real student life we experienced-try some local restaurants, they should do the trick. Most former rats are joining men. So check it out for some friendly & familiar discussions.

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