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Charlie Weis focused on improving grades

scared me for a second. alarmist headline

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How former Jayhawks fared (March 28)

brush went ham

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KU vs. Fort Hays State


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Kansas guards Tyshawn Taylor, Elijah Johnson will miss KU's two exhibition games for violation of team rules

hopefully this gives incentive to the younger guys to step up

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Bill Self: Practices leave thin Jayhawks ‘gassed’

@kansassports tweeted that already.

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Marcus Morris lauds KU

Big Man Coach is his official title, by the way.

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Recap: Startling numbers about KU's recent losses as a double-digit favorite in the NCAAs

great article and research, jesse. somehow, make sure Bill and the other coaches read this

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Cliff's Notes: Bill Self press conference, 3/29/11

yeah, it seems like there was a wink-wink to how much Danny could help him out with a whole 'nother year. think about it!!

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10 observations from NCAA Tournament leading up to Final Four

should we get rid of the tournament and just vote on it? our loss to VCU is on nobody but us. ohio state's loss is on them. Duke's loss is on them.

as flawed as a bracket system might be, it's the most logical way to have a post season and crown a single team as national champion. we can't really have a round robin or something like that with all the schools.

quit whining and congratulate the 4 teams that made it and whoever ends up winning. it's not a fluke.

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10 observations from NCAA Tournament leading up to Final Four

i don't get the fatigue argument either. what, is kemba just going to give up now because he's tired? oh but he carried the team all year! who cares? he's not just going to get tired and quit right before the finish line. kemba takes the huskies past butler in the final game.

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