Joseph Kuebel 12 years ago

Independent thought is to be hammered down like a nail sticking up?

More like you are wrong, and are too hard headed to admit you were wrong making you both stubborn and wrong! However, you falsely qualify your comment (of poor math as an opinion?) by sadly attempting to justify it with some completely unrelated (yes, by unrelated I am saying that your quote IS NOT an independent thought)...

Hence; your quote holds no relevancy as, disagreeing with simple math (saying 54 / 71 does not equal 0.760563 ) doesn't mean you have created an independent thought, it means you are alone because you are not correct...math is not an opinion, or thought.

No Japanese proverb says incorrect math ever qualified as an "independent thought" a real man please and admit you were wrong instead of trying to justify yourself with more irrelevant quotes (that means are not relevant, or they do not apply to the comparison (what you compared) at hand).

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