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Episode 1: First of all...

Very nice first episode. I'll be back next week.

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3-star OL Jackson Stoefen commits to KU football

Going after them is one thing landing them is another. Beaty went after a ton of big name recruits, but didn't land many and missed out on good mid-range prospects in our backyard. Also, most teams are made up of 3 star kids, not 4 & 5 stars. Unless, you are Alabama, Clemson, and the like.

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KU women's basketball coach Brandon Schneider believes culture change necessary to get program on track

"has three years remaining on his deal because of an unreleased two-year extension given to him in the spring of 2018. "

I swear, could Zenger have been any worse at being an AD?

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Tom Keegan: David Beaty still firing away

I'm not sure about that. We certainly have evidence that Beaty doesn't seem to like Carter. He is incapable of giving the guy a compliment during pressers or interviews, yet goes out of his way to give Bender grace.

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Tom Keegan: Does anybody care who wins Kansas QB job?

IMO we need a QB that can improvise and manage to keep a drive alive occasionally by sheer will and trickery. I'd take a poor man's Bill Wittemore at this point, which seems like Miles Kendrick may the closest to in style of play. Stanley can do it some as well but unless the OL is DRASTICALLY improved I don't see Bender being a viable option.

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Possible AD candidates for Kansas

He's suggesting (I think) that the next KU AD should be one who will hire Jim Leonhard.

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Chancellor Girod fires KU Athletic Director Sheahon Zenger, citing lack of progress and necessary change in leadership

This is AMAZING NEWS. I didn't think we'd see this for 5 months.

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Williams Fund boss Matt Baty instructs KU donors on how not to be 'part of the problem'

We've heard what makes a bad fan from the administration. What metrics make a bad football coach though?

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Free State's Jalan Robinson watches football recruitment skyrocket before signing day

I thought we were trying to build relationships with KS high schools. I don't see how relegating KS kids to greyshirts and walk-ons are helping in this regard. I'd rather miss on a few Kansas kids and keep the scholarships in state than keep giving them to JUCOs or kids from afar where we really have no real chance of developing a pipeline.

This is especially true with big KS high schools like Free State.

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Are you still watching KU football? (The KU Sports Hour)

Went to my last game of the year Saturday. It was just depressing to see everything on the field. Unfortunately, I became even more disheartened as I walked back to our vehicle. The houses and lawns that are normally filled--maybe only partially lately-- with cars and tailgaters were completely empty. NOT A SINGLE CAR, casual fan, or even a drunk student anywhere. Really sad to see how this has fallen apart.

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