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Busy recruiting weekend nets 2 top targets for KU football

Admittedly this is a rarity, but Aqib Talib was a 2 star and Joc Crawford was a 4 star.

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Column: Celebration turns ugly with aggressive court-storming

This article is on point. Well, except for the bitter paragraph about poor Keegan's downgraded seats. Maybe he'd have better luck asking the University of Kansas for tickets since Kansas University isn't playing nice with him.

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Column: New linebackers coach Kane a good fit

Kevin Kane is exactly the type of player this program needs right now. I remember this quote about him made me laugh the time, He's definitely one of my all-time favorites.

"OK, so linebacker Kevin Kane isn't going to beat a turtle in a race. It's not because he's not trying.

'Ol' Kevin got his 40 time down this year. It's under 5-flat now,' Mangino quipped.

True, Kane's no elite sprinter, but the senior has negated any lack of speed by registering 69 tackles and earning honorable mention All-Big 12 Conference honors last year.

Mangino said Kane's ability to read offenses, react quickly and anticipate faster than most made up for any cement in his shoes.

'There is something to be said for intellectuals playing football,' Mangino said. 'You can't fool Kevin Kane.'"

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KU coach Self outlines timeline of Joel Embiid's back injury

As someone with some brief experience in Sports Medicine, I would argue that it isn't damage control. College and pro medical staffs deal with things like this all the time and are very good at keeping it private. When a second opinion is sought at an outside source and the results of that opinion are made public, it usually just confirms what the team staff already knew. Conspiracy theorists make their living in situations like this.

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Installation of new offense this spring won't slow KU football down

Andy, I'm pretty certain his point was that spring time is a time to be optimistic. Your "mood" may have distracted you from that, but there was a lot of light-hearted exaggeration in his post. Buffoonery aside, lighten up a little and have some fun with life. We all know the team has been bad for a few years, but there are definite signs of improvement and spring ball is a time when we can get excited and read some good articles about the team.

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Column: Longhorns now in hunt for Big 12 title

The reason Baylor has had some big wins against KU in the recent past is because KU has played them the last game of the conference season and KU doesn't have anything left to play for. They've secured the conference and a high seed in the tournament, but Baylor has been a consistent bubble team that needs a big win just to make the tournament. Very different motivation for each team.

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Charlie Weis: Harwell led even as he sat out

All of the season totals for the wide-outs would be considered good single game performances for most other starting Division 1 wide-outs.

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Boot Camp is over; Bill Self impressed with Jayhawks

They are allowed to get together for a certain amount of time each week for strength and conditioning and this is what boot camp represents. It's just geared toward running and conditioning on the court rather than lifting weights in the weight room.

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What caught my eye at Day 4 of KU football's fall camp

Welcome to College. You get a "day off" in the middle of the week so you can concentrate on classes.

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Opinion: In NBA, drafting smaller smarter

I think the unintentional moral of this article is that for every center prospect in the draft, there are several guards and forwards. GMs are four times as likely to find a good prospect at another position because there are 4 other positions.

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