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Reacting to Big 12 expansion and examining what's next, plus a look at KU's chances this weekend vs. Baylor

What about K-State? Keep hearing that the legislature will not allow KU to go somewhere without KU.

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With injury behind him, Lawrence Arnold's breakout game propels KU football to Week 1 win

I see that Coastal Carolina has a stadium that holds 20,000. Did we agree to go there for a payoff? Otherwise, does not make sense to go there.

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A few key questions surrounding the KU football coaching search

I think the fact that Coach Jones is actively holding the fort while the search goes on is huge. I believe he is doing his best to get the head job and is keeping morale up makes a lot of difference in the leisurely pace to select a new head coach

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Another Sunflower State program recently provided Kansas football with a potential blueprint for moving on from Les Miles

I wonder if Dearmon is sad he left. Such strange circumstances. He would have been a top candidate for head coach if he had stayed (even though I was never impressed.)

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LSU's Title IX review includes allegations Les Miles 'attempted to sexualize' student staff; KU places him on administrative leave

The out is if he did not report what happened to Jeff Long when he was hired. If he did report it, Long is where the buck stops. This looks like a whole lot of Mark Mangino with old allegations. I think there will be no fair way to resolve it and lots of people will get hurt.

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AUDIO: Assessing what KU football got out of the 2020 season & where the program goes from here (The KU Sports Hour)

I think KU has become the juco of the Big 12. Football players come to KU to get experience by playing as a freshman or sophomore and then transfer to another program after they get experience at our expense.

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Quick recap: KU suffers 31-13 loss in Les Miles' return to Oklahoma State

Seems like the offensive line has more holes than a screen door. They can't hold their blocks, look confused at times and are a step slow to stay in front of the defense. We lost two OL prospects this past week. What are we doing to shore this up for the future?

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Quick recap: No. 3 Kansas falls to No. 4 Duke in Champions Classic

Dotson did not quarterback the team. He looked for his shot every time down the court. Doke and de Sousa have not progressed in their time off. At one point we missed 5 straight free throws and that did not count the and ones that we should have gotten. They had so many turnovers it was disgusting.

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