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Former Jayhawk Andrew Wiggins wins NBA title with Golden State Warriors

I thought that I was becoming a Rodney fan because he had become more of a team player, but I was wrong, he is still a total prick.
I'll be honest, I thought Wiggins was a bust at KU, because, other than West Virginia, he showed zero fire or desire to lead his team, but he was far from AVERAGE in the playoffs. 🙄

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Former Jayhawks Andrew Wiggins, Aaron Miles to battle it out for 2022 NBA title

If they want to protect children, try enforcing the laws that are already on the books, before trying to take away the rights that allow American citizens to "buy a cannon" or to own a 9mm that will "blow a lung out of the body"🙄
Fresh idea, know what you're talking about, before saying things that are patently, false. Not a single proposal that is normally brought up in these cases, would prevent any of these tragedies from occurring, at least any that would be Constitutional. And to suggest that TRUE Christians hate people of color, gays, or any other group of people, just shows how biased the left, truly is in their opinions. While, I'm sure that we ALL agree that the loss of our treasure in these 19 children that were murdered is tragic, we should also be able to say that the loss of 63,000,000, other children is EQUALLY, tragic.

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Resurgent Raiders: Tubby Smith has Texas Tech headed up

If it hadn't been for Pierre Jackson, the 2 Quincy's, Perry Jones, and Udoh staying together for 5 years, Scott Drew would have "coached" a very talented Baylor team into mediocrity or worse, much sooner than he has. He is an excellent recruiter, but unless his teams ignore his "coaching" and "freelance" the game, then their chances of winning are greatly reduced. As big as his teams are, you would expect total physical domination in many games, but they play like their coach...soft! He has had some of the top classes in the country, and yet he has something like a .550 winning %. He brings a lot of the disrespect upon himself with his whiny and fearful personality in a lot of his interviews. It almost seems like he goes into big games EXPECTING to lose, not real inspiring for his kids to see. And Weber doesn't get a lot of respect when it comes to his stint at Illinois due to the fact that much of his success is thanks to Bill Self stocking the cupboard before he left there.

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Jayhawks: Embiid definitely ‘beat up’

I thought the same thing, but I am going to trust that our coach cares more about helping prepare these young men for the future and encouraging them to be men of great character, even more than he cares for a W.

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Column: Andrew Wiggins' half-court three ends slump

C'mon Mike, quit being such a "jerk"! :-)

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Family guy: Tharpe excels with mother, brothers watching KU's home victory

Erich, you got the wrong idea from my post. I am not unhappy with Andrew Wiggins' choice of schools, nor do I desire for Roy Williams to replace HCBS. I was merely pointing out that a "run and gun" type offense would showcase Wiggs' incredible athleticism to a greater extent than our 1/2 court offensive sets tend to do. If he was out on the break more often, I think we would see him explode for ridiculous numbers since there would be less chance that he would pass up the dunk to allow a teammate to shoot a jumper. And certainly less chance of him disappearing from the offense for stretches of time. Of course, ol' Roy wouldn't be worried about his defense, which would have been a shame, considering his outstanding ability on that side of the ball, as well. So Erich, I think we are probably on the same page, considering that I am totally happy with HCBS, (NEVER suggesting a preference for RW), the fact that Andrew is a Jayhawk,(NEVER indicating that I wished he had gone to UNC), and never made ANY reference to him having an "off night". I, personally, feel that considering the immense pressure put upon him with unrealistic expectations for an 18 year old kid, he has done a fantastic job of showing what he can be in the future, while blending his talents in with other future stars together as a TEAM! Honestly, how many kids have the ability to score 40 or 50 points in a game, or gather in 19 to ? rebounds, be a defensive STOPPER, etc...? I guess I didn't do a good job of making my point that Andrew would be an absolute monster if he were running in the open floor more often. Bottom line is that he is ours for this year and I am thrilled that he is a Jayhawk! RCJH!

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Notebook: Embiid's succes no surprise to Self

I don't know about Joel being a 3-4 time NBA Champion, but I can definitely see him as a perrenial All-Star. NBA championships are so dependant upon the front office and surrounding personnel. But, our OTHER JoJo (White), had a pretty good run of Championships in his time so maybe Joel will be surrounded by fellow superstars on his team, as well.

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Family guy: Tharpe excels with mother, brothers watching KU's home victory

While I do think that the majority of Wiggin's problems lie within the massive expectations of us as KU fans, I must say that if we were perfectly honest, he would have shown the college basketball world the "whole package" if he had gone to North Carolina. Even though I just threw up a little in my mouth to say that, I think Roys' offensive mindset of getting out and running and trying to win games in the 90's would really open up the floor for Andrew. Regardless, I am glad he is here. We will never see the COLLEGE player he should be though. He needs to stay another year, but awful hard to turn down the money.

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Column: Andrew Wiggins starting to put his game together

I am pretty sure that it was my 8th grade year in '73/'74, after we beat Mizery by 35 or 40. There was another time when about 100 kids rushed the floor while the rest of the Fieldhouse yelled at them to get off the floor and show some class! :-) Had to be freshmen! I think that was maybe 2006? We did storm the court in '08, at the NC, but it just doesn't happen @ AFH. We EXPECT to win at home! RCJH!!!

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Good talk: Selden responds to Self's challenge in win at Oklahoma

Benz, your math is off a little. While it might be true that we are "old", and Wayne is young, he's not THAT young! :-)

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