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KU freshman Rio Adams bringing energy, on and off court

Agree we will need a scorer to replace Mac and I don't see that in White or Rio

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FINAL: KU overcomes sloppy play in 61-56 win over West Virginia

I fully agree with the last comment, lighten up people we are 19-1!!!! Yes we have been so-so offensively but if you look around the country there just are not a lot of high scoring games period. The Big Ten which is supposed to be strong this year has had many games in the 60's and even 50's. I would rather win ugly and have one of the best defenses in the country because defense wins come tourney time....look at our team last year, we won a lot of low scoring games.

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KU quarterback Turner Baty leaving the program

Not may but definitely in trouble Cummings stinks as a college passer

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Jeff Withey gone wild

Love the post and I too have noted Jeffs jump hook which if he continues to improve it will enhance his position in the draft.

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KU athletic director presses case for Rock Chalk Park

Totally agree!!!!
1. Title IX sports are part of the college environment of every notable campus in the country and should be.
2. Track and Field are part of the proud tradition of KU that includes many Olympians and world record holders of their time.
3. The track does need to be removed from Memorial stadium to upgrade that facility properly.

My only concern is the location that far from campus. We have attended many woman's soccer games and while parents and family of players will always be there, how many students will get in a car to attend versus the ability to walk there from closely located dorms? Same would hold true for the other sports moving.

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Bill Self: Jayhawks’ defense needs work

Good post...I also have seen a great improvement in Jeff's conditioning

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Notebook: Jason Sudeikis, Olivia Wilde visit Allen Fieldhouse

Posting with guarded optimism but if Tharpe can play with this consistancy the rest of the year and Ellis with this kind of effort off of the bench, there is no telling how good this team can be.

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