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FINAL: Briscoe's 201 receiving yards lead KU to 42-21 Insight Bowl win

Justin Thornton should be pretty pissed right now. Because he was forced to sit out his "replacement" is getting torched.

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Slipping away :

I love KU, but they frustrate the H3ll out of me. They were the better team but I feel the game plan and preparation was not adequate. It also cost us a recruit. A Earnest Norman a linebacker from TX just de-committed and signed with Nebraska. We needed that win to help solidify ourselves in the north and we let it slip away.I'm still going to wear my #5 jersey this Saturday, but I don't see a way we will finish better than 6-6 without some better schemes and prep.

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Kansas secondary takes a step back

Sparko, I am going to have to disagree. We have NO CHANCE of winning out. If our defense couldn't hold it's own against Nebraska it is going to get torn to shreds by UT and MU.It's a shame that our defense is as pour as it is and I am still not sold on how switching up the d-backs in the middle of the season was going to help this years team. I think they could have waited till the off season. Instead I feel it cost us a shot at a bowl game. Remember 6-6 teams aren't guaranteed, think back two years ago.Needless to say, I am very disappointed in the results this team has produced and the decisions the coaching staff has made.

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FINAL: Texas Tech racks up 559 yards of offense in 63-21 victory

Treidy, I like your analysis and do not want him canned now but I do want there to be some discussion so he can understand the implications of his actions. Bowen needs to feel the pressure and re-evaluate the situation and possibly take a different approach.On the other comment, I wish someone would have made fun of the sideline announcer. Just to shut him up, he was being extremely insulting to KU. Some one should have made a statement discussing the fact he was going to be covering the PBA and that he must be big time. He's an a**hole.

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FINAL: Texas Tech racks up 559 yards of offense in 63-21 victory

I agree that we should support the football team. I am an avid supporter as I am sure most of the people on this message board are, their posting because their upset/care. However, I am going to have to disagree with you on the coaching. You have to remember that this is their job. Do you think the owner of your company would allow you to come into work if you consistently did not produce or couldn't handle presentations, no. You get paid because you do a good job and help your company succeed.

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FINAL: Texas Tech racks up 559 yards of offense in 63-21 victory

The fans should keep their mouths shut about basketball season. It makes us look like a bunch of a**holes. Just keep your mouth shut and say, "No Comment."

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FINAL: Texas Tech racks up 559 yards of offense in 63-21 victory

Treidy, he isn't playing, but it is his job to prepare the kids that are playing. He's getting paid six figures to teach and instruct these kids. Yes, the kids may not be as athletic as other programs, but being prepared and having the proper schemes can help level the playing grounds. Last year was a great example. Look at the Orange Bowl. I was there, VaTech had better athletes, but we were prepared.

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FINAL: Texas Tech racks up 559 yards of offense in 63-21 victory

I'm sorry, but Clint Bowen's job should be on the hot seat. He has not been able to prepare his defense for ONE decent opponent this year. They need to re-evaluate the defensive cordinator's position. Guys don't even have the fundamentals down.

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Building a nest


It may be time to move out of your parent's basement and maybe get a clue. Don't you know you shouldn't speak up if you don't know what you are talking about?

Read what I wrote, I'm extactic that they have spent money on the football program and are increasing their facilities. The program needs a top notch facility to compete with the likes of OU, UT and the down trodden NU. For YEARS we have lost out on recruits because of our facilities and the fact that we are a "basketball" school and always would be. All I said was that the building was an eye-sore, which in my opinion it it. You're allowed to feel differently.

And before you question my loyalty to KU, did you even go to the Orange Bowl? Have you donated money to the school for items like this? I'm guessing it was a no on both. So how about you "STFU." Borrowed that one from you buddy. Hopefully you'll still be a fan if we don't pull out another 12-1 season like I've been for the past 13 years.

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Building a nest


Actually, I am in the building industry. I'm an architect, my strong feeling of dislike for this project is a direct result of my profession. I am well aware of the intricacies and buracracy that go into a project like this. I am also well aware the role that budgetary concerns and value engineering play in the design process. However, I don't feel this is a valid excuse for the end result. There are several inexpensive exterior cladding materials that would have been more suitable for this structure, not to mention would have been more suitable due to its adjacency to Memorial Stadium. In addition I do not fee that the form of the structure has any correlation to the budget unless you are doing some sort of extravagent design or structural move. Several of the most beautiful buildings in the world are simple rectangular forms. With such a prominent location on campus, KU deserved something beautiful. Do you really want that to be the last building you walk past during your academic career, graduation day?

I'm exstatic that KU is improving its facilities. I love KU and support it whole heartedly. It's just sad that this building will be an eye sore on campus for the next 2-3 decades.

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