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Snaer chooses Florida State

Soobawls you and IDIOT!!!

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Snaer to announce on ESPNU on Friday; Self happy with new signee Robinson

If we miss on both Snear and Xavier we still can get Lance or Dominic Cheek. I would take any of the four.

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Prep Henry won't decide until spring

Kranny I totally agree and as far as I am concerned he can wait all he wants if he is going to choose Kansas. Ohh ya and he isnt a diva he is a baller.

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Kansas hoops rookies eager for opener


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FINAL: Texas Tech racks up 559 yards of offense in 63-21 victory

Went to the K-state game with a really good friend of mine and K-states can score the ball. They scored 3 TD on OU in 6min so I think its going to be a shootout. I think are hawks win by a touchdown.

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Gary Bedore's KU basketball notebook

Cballer nope you get booted of the website if you do that stuff.

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Recruit had blast at Late Night

Questions for anybody does any of you know of a website called The shiver and how reliable it might be?

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FINAL: Bradford's career day leads OU to 45-31 victory

Well on most of those 3rd downs we had about 15 yards to get the first down.

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FINAL: Bradford's career day leads OU to 45-31 victory

Theres one person of the bandwagon anybody else. You saw what happen in the South FLorida game we can come back. I just dont understand why last series we didnt run it once with sharp its BS.

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KU lands 2009 recruit Robinson

jaybate we arent going to go after Orton anymore.

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