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Plenty to play for: Big 12 title, revenge motivate KU in final battle with MU

Win this game. It would suck to have them sweep us and win the league on their way out. No matter what happens after today, it would be one big stinky thing for missery fans to wave in our faces forever.

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Thomas Robinson named Oscar Robertson national player of week

I love T-Rob. He's supremely talented, a beast and could easily be the best 4 in the country. I only have one observation of something that continues to drive me absolutely insane during games. When he is not successful on the offensive end with a missed dunk, layup or whatever, he stands under the basket, slumps his shoulders and I don't know...pouts...while the ball is already going the other direction. I counted 3 times during the Long Beach game when he did this. One absolutely led to a layup on the other end where he fouled the guy because he was chasing and out of position. I am pretty sure Bill pulled him after that. Anybody else see that? Agree with me?

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Not great late: KU’s carelessness has Bill Self steaming

If someone has already posted/answered this sorry. But I was wondering if anyone knew the last time Hawks were an Allen Fieldhouse underdog?

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FINAL: Texas A&M stomps KU, 61-7

I don't want to seem insensitive, because I am not (completely). But I have to say again: I hope that all of the thin skinned parents and kids that forced Chuckie out are happy. They induced the knee jerk over-correction by the athletice department, that has totally driven this bus over a cliff.

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KU coach Turner Gill opening statement after 61-7 loss to Texas A&M

The Fat Man is laughing his considerable arse off.

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