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KDHE releases locations of COVID-19 outbreaks across Kansas, including 4 in Douglas County; KU football team listed with 14 cases

I thought this all began with a goal of "bending the curve" so our health facilities could handle the seriously ill. Where is the data on our seriously ill currently (amidst these outbreaks), the capacity of our hospitals to treat them and the number of those who've recovered?

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Kansas coach Self threatens legal action against NCAA regarding handling of infractions case

Absolutely about time. This issue can't be litigated now in the school's NCAA case. And it's the only way to act on Brey's story, which, if it has any truth to it, should be laid out for all.

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KU men's basketball players express frustrations over abrupt end to 2019-20 season

Well then, just send us the national championship trophy.....

March 12, 2020 at 5:29 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Board of Regents chair, student body president concerned by behavioral issues within KU men’s basketball program

If "all" in the KU student body are under a lot of stress, too, well it seems fair to ask what is the rate at which complaints and disciplinary behavior occur in the general student body (both men and women) vs the rate in the athletic department and the basketball programs. I'm sure Ms. Floyd was confident of the answer to that question before she pointed fingers....

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KU won’t release report it cites as evidence against NCAA allegations

Respectfully, Mr Kautsch states the law as he like it to be, not as it is, and of course the LJW (Mr Kautsch's client?) takes the bait. FOIA-type laws permit public litigants to withhold materials connected with litigation, and the school is using this report to answer the NCAA's charges. Leave them alone. The one sure way to upset a decision-maker like the NCAA is to try to litigate one's case in public.

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KU argues with NCAA that Adidas isn't a booster, but sends out flyer to local businesses suggesting otherwise

Welp, using that definition employees of the LJW, Capitol Federal and Koch Industries are boosters, too. Have some fun.

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California to let college athletes make money, defying NCAA

Never thought I'd agree with anything California did, but their new law will force a change in the NCAA's booster rule and ultimately bring sanity to the NCAA's out-of-control enforcement office.

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KU AD Jeff Long expects hiring process for Hudy replacement to move quickly

Might want to think about Kansas Team Administration, i.e., outsourcing the AD administration to, I don't know, Apple.

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