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Jeff Long out as KU athletic director amid fallout from football coach's departure

While we're at it, could we get rid of a few academic assistant chancellors and presidents, please?

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Reports indicate 5-star Class of 2022 wing Gradey Dick plans to announce college decision next week

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but SCA has nine seniors, four of whom have committed to P5 programs and at least one more surely will. Gradey is one of three juniors. In SCA's 69-66 OT win at #1 Monteverde, Gradey played 28 minutes (Clemence played 29) had one turnover and was one of three double-figure scorers. He's succeeding at the highest level of competition, has a great coach and is a terrific representative of the school. I'd take him in a heartbeat.

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Notebook: KU extends streak of double-digit conference wins with 59-41 victory over K-State

The League said it will seed the post-season tournament based on winning percentage. However, as far as the league race is concerned, the rule book reads,
“In the event any team plays four or more games less than the average number of games played by all conference teams, said team will add losses to its record to create an adjusted winning percentage. The team with the highest adjusted win percentage will be crowned regular season champion.”
Baylor should get back to work. Methinks 12-0 could become 12-6.

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Jayhawks will go as far as David McCormack can carry them this postseason

Well, keep improving. Just about everyone will return next season.

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Strong second half helps KU earn much-needed 78-66 win over No. 23 Oklahoma State

I believe KU’s streak in the AP men’s bball top 25 was the longest ever, please correct me if I’m wrong.

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Jayhawks going around in circles and running out of time

This is a throwaway year. Means nothing, everybody gets to come back if they want or transfer anywhere, anytime. In just about any other KU BB year, three of our top nine would be redshirting. But in this year, well, we can experiment and not lose much if at all. This year's team has a lot of really nice young men who are nice players and will be better after playing in a no-consequence year like this and another year in the weight room, because after all the bad news is we have a lot of really nice young men who are nice players right now. We'll all wake up a year from now and this year will be a distant memory.

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'Something has to change': No. 9 Kansas drops third consecutive game after 75-68 road loss to Oklahoma

“Something has to change. …"
This is the way....

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Jayhawks still just scratching the surface of what's possible with 5-guard lineups, but they like what they see so far

And St. Joe's was small....
Nice win and looking forward to watching this team develop.

November 28, 2020 at 10:28 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

KDHE releases locations of COVID-19 outbreaks across Kansas, including 4 in Douglas County; KU football team listed with 14 cases

Oooo, touched a nerve. Huddle in your bunker with an abacus and N95 tracking the casedemic if you must, and be thankful you don't reside in a blue-state nursing home where bureaucratic negligence resulted in manslaughter of the most vulnerable, about 40% of the dead. There's some learning to be done about virus epidemics (start here: And don't accept J-school propaganda ("while a clear decrease from the case rate increase Kansas has seen over the past weeks, might be attributed to fewer tests being conducted between Monday and Wednesday"), allow politics onto your sports page or wait until the day after the election to regain your freedoms. Life will become much more enjoyable.

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