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Big 12, SEC have deal for football champs to play

+1 from a 'Hawk fan living in the beautiful upstate of South Carolina,

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FSU would benefit Big 12

Notre Dame football has zero affiliation with or say in Big East football. They have no bearing on the discussion.

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FSU would benefit Big 12

Are YOU stupid? Clemson is in South Carolina...dumbass. Why call names on a message board where you're the fan of the same program as the person you're attacking? Good grief.

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Court, classroom still home to ex-KU guard Billy Thomas

I know this possibly won't be a popular comment, but what the heck is a degree in "African American studies"? Seems like political correctness and affirmative action at work in an educational context. I am not in the slightest racist, but seriously, can you imagine a university having a "Caucasian American studies" department? Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you do please talk in facts and not emotion as is so often the case in this discussion. All that being said, congrats to Billy Thomas. Great memories of him and his teams playing.

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Court, classroom still home to ex-KU guard Billy Thomas

"Downtown" Terry Brown, Greg Gurley, Ryan Robertson, Rex Walters are a few that come to mind for me.

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Bill Self named Naismith national coach of the year

That's what she said.

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Visitor to KU campus to discuss intercollegiate athletics, higher education

Both talks sound mind-numbingly thrilling. Or maybe just mind-numbing.

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‘Big D’-fense: Ex-Dallas Cowboys coach Campo to head Weis’ defense

There is no Big 12 North anymore. I certainly agree with your basic premise though. RCJ.

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Where does KU have an advantage over Kentucky? Plus, predictions for tonight's clash at MSG

Hope you put some money down on the final score Jesse...holy cow, you nailed it.

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Recruit Trevor Lacey picks Alabama over KU

dumb butt. have fun being a big fish in a very, very little pond.

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