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3rd juco prospect, CB Elijah Jones, commits to KU on eve of early signing period

My god Mike, Joe is correct, as we said in the military, get off of Beaty's member long enough to see the big picture

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3rd juco prospect, CB Elijah Jones, commits to KU on eve of early signing period

hmmmm so Mike the only way you can truely be a fan is to Donate?well I donate and my daughter will attend KU next year, not to mention my fater worked for the athletic Dept. for 15 years and the only games i've missed are the ones while serving my country from 89 till 2 years ago/ some people can not afford to donate but that does not make them any less fans,im in colorado I can't go to every game does that mean I can't anything to say about the very sad state of the program? your statement is just plain rediculas

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Tom Keegan: Corione Harris signing, 2016 Texas upset David Beaty's two shining moments

Mike it is Beaty's fault the players decommited, it all boils down to wins and are right Beaty has hurt himself and the damage can not be fixed, I love the jayhawks and always will, loved them since 1969,when we actually start to win then the players will stick with their commitments.

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David Beaty shaping up as Charlie Light on recruiting front

honestly the one coach being overlooked to replace this train wreck is the coach from north dakota state, 5 championships in 6 years, throw him some money and let him do his thing.

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Kansas football 2018 season-opener shapes up as compelling matchup

I honestly dont think Beaty will be here after 5 games into next season, if he loses 3 of the first 5 they will pull the plug, and I feel throw some money to the north dakota coach

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David Beaty talks about pregame antics, chippiness between KU and OU

this is insane, beaty has lost this team completly, I watched this then went and watched some of mangino's post game, wow night and day type this coach giggles about getting his butt handed to him? the players don't respect him, the fans don't respect him, time to move on to a real coach

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Tom Keegan: Heisman favorite Baker Mayfield's right hand at center of two controversies

to damn funny, the defense didnt hold anyone to thier worst outing, the wind did omg

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Tom Keegan: KU's undisciplined football showing grants chancellor chance at mulligan

ok it'x really simple, all the liberal tree hugging rock lickers will not allow a real football coach to come to ku because he will not allow a safe zone for the players that get yelled out and called out for poor play,we had one and how did that go? we won but feelings were hurt so out the door he went. as far as fans, there never have been the support for football,people say well iowa st. has real fans but only because there is nothing to do there, well lets be honest there is really nothing to do in lawrence, I was born and raised in lawrence you have to go some place else to do anything,I have suppoted ku football since 1969, and the only games I have ever missed is when I was in the military so if you want a change get a group of people and hang out in front of Girods office call gov. to withhold money till the powers that be finally listen, hell its so bad I took my daughter to her first game against ksu, and even had to pay money for handicap parking, there are big issues with the university and i wont make another trip from colorado to a game , just my thoughts

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Tom Keegan: KU's undisciplined football showing grants chancellor chance at mulligan

Mine you must not have played football, everything that happens on the field is from the hc period

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Tom Keegan: Jayhawks' road futility reaches record length

Bill, get off the d+ck, Doug is right,they play the way they do because of zero repetition, the same as the military, that way its reaction and no thinking, get a clue

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