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Opinion: Jayhawks set at QB for future


I'll also add, he really wanted the job but don't know if he even got an interview. I believe he would've been a great hire as he truly wanted to be here. Considering all his ties to the university and the area as well his previous experience on Mangino's staff, this program would be in much better shape. I also think he likely would've won the four games Weis let get away last season, not to mention the probable better prospects the team would be facing now.

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FINAL: Special teams highlight of KU's 31-14 victory over South Dakota

If Weis would call the plays as per his team's strength, the score would've been 50 something to 7. He's the reason they didn't win 5 games last year. His ego won't allow the run game to be his team's bread and butter.

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Opinion: Golf benefits kicker


Since the surveys I can't read the articles at work, save for the first paragraph. I do know we're using an outdated version of IE.

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Bill Self basks in glow

Xavier actually has been back a number of times sitting in the stands, attending games. Oddly, he seems to feel actual affinity for KU even though he was only on campus for 1 year. I suspect we'll see BMac from time to time too as he, by all accounts, really enjoyed his two years in Lawrence.

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Opinion: Coach, catcher keys for KU baseball in 1993


"Jeff Niemeier, the catcher from Kansas City, and several teammates joined Bingham at Lawrence Country Club on Friday for the start of a 20-year reunion weekend."

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Family man: KU’s Travis Releford relishes fatherhood

Perhaps both Travis and his girlfriend are waiting til after graduation to get married as the article indicates she also is a student. Once gainfully employed, he then can fully honor any commitment to provide for a wife and child as marriage requires.

The most challenging obstacle he's already met which is recognizing the impact being raised without a father can have on a family. His own words indicate his determination to break that cycle and ensure his child has the best possible chance to develop and succeed in this world with his guidance and influence, support etc.

I would hope that all of us continue to support him without the judging and proselytizing as there is more than one path through life. He seems like a great kid which is why we all like him, he's always carried himself very well and I expect he'll continue to present a positive image of the program and university.

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With Weis at helm, KU academic staff not worried about juco signees' academics


You might be on to something. Harvard offers an African American studies program/degree. I'm fairly certain Ahperse hasn't bothered to take the time to research the curriculum before blessing us with this latest, witty zinger.

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FINAL: KU has no answer for Iowa State offense in 51-23 loss

Larry Fedora would've been a much better long-term hire for KU as would Dave Doeren. Kevin Sumlin had absolutely zero interest in KU both when Gill was hired as well as when Weis was hired. I believe we can see why.

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