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'Subpar' Showdown: K-State dominates, 35-10, in rivalry win over KU football

I love KU, but when it comes to football, I don't think we can call this a "rivalry"... just looking back from 2003 to today KU is 4-15 against K-State and have been outscored over that time period 678 to 342... not much of a "rivalry".

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Affidavit alleges Silvio De Sousa hit man who told him to shut up; man lost vision in one eye

I think the thing to remember is these players are adults and while Bill Self and staff are responsible for what happens on the court, they are not responsible for the actions of these adults when they make poor life choices off the court. Only in college, folks like to point to coaches when an adult makes bad choices. If they are in the NBA, NFL, etc. We don't blame the coaches, we appropriately blame the stupid decisions the player makes off the court.

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KU lists multimillion dollar renovations to Allen Fieldhouse, stadium in proposed capital improvement plans

"One-time $20 million renovation to the fieldhouse" One-time payment, or one-time renovation... If it's one-time renovation, I wonder if there are long-term plans for a new venue...

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Kansas knocks off TCU to end Big 12 losing skid

Great win for them and great that the streak has ended... Beaty will still be out after the season, the only way he was saving his job is if they had an amazing season and near the top of the Big 12.

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KU says benched basketball player hit curb on 19th Street, damaged tires; university still mum on 'financial picture'

Who knows, maybe the kid has a very expensive stereo system in his car and really nice rims and they want to figure out how he was able to afford them.

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Nothing but The Truth: Paul Pierce exception as superstardom eludes NBA Jayhawks

I have never understood this view about schools producing NBA stars. Yes, schools contribute to the development of these players, the bottom line is that the players themselves as far as their god-given natural talent and the work that they put in is what will determine if they are NBA stars. Also the fact that such a small number of players make it in to the NBA as is, the number becomes even smaller when you look at the players that reach the caliber of those like Lebron James, Paul Pierce, Michael Jordan, etc. At the end of the day.

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KU football unveils five new helmets for 2013 season

Personally I think the 1941 Jayhawk should be the schools official school logo to this day. It just looks meaner. When you look at the current mascot you dont think tough, you think that he belongs in a theme park or that he is a new character at Chuck-e-Cheese....

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KU coach Bill Self talks after loss to TCU (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

I think that came down to sheer disappointment. I think he went from ok with his team to sheer disappointment/disbelief skipping anger.

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Statehouse Live: Bill would require KU to play Wichita State University in basketball

Doesn't the legislature have better things to do? Let the schools decide their own schedules, the Govt. has better things to do.

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KU coach Bill Self talks after loss to Oklahoma State (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

Hold on now, one bad game? Elijah hasnt had a good game since the start of conference play, it is so true when Bill said we have been living on borrowed time. EJ has been averaging 3 assists along with almost 4 turnovers a game since the start of conference play... thats 8 bad games.

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