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Behind the Lens: Robinson’s reaction sums up KU defeat

That was a semi Pro spiked team with the ugliest player ever on it! And Elijah did not travel, i don't care what the rule was it's just not right. Oh well, it just a game laugh it off

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Smooth sailing: Coaches’ familiarity eases transition

I think the football team is going to be great this year. CW did not raise it up a level but, four or five notches!!! Maybe a "coach of the year" coming??? ...In my mind anyway. :oD

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Danny Manning hired as Tulsa's head coach

Who is Dman taking with him?

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Danny Manning hired as Tulsa's head coach

Jacque said, I was waiting for the kickback... Good answer!

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Danny Manning appears Tulsa bound

Kansas better give him a blank check and tell him to fill in the zeros!!!!! at lest match Bill's $'s. Maybe it's not money? See if Bill could get Micheal Lee back!

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Final thoughts following KU's 80-67 win over North Carolina

I am just glad Bill is learning how to change D's up on the fly. He's learning!!! The most impressive part this years team.

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Ten-block game vaults Jeff Withey to top of ratings

I thought Jeff got 12 blocks! Should go back and recount! to be fair to Jeff!! all in fun and to get it right.

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Looking ahead to ’12-13

Naadir is the best player I've seen at KU in a long long time at point.
Maybe since JoJo White... Naadir needs to be a starter now.
Self has been on Dannys shirt tail for years now and needs to get his head out. and quit looking the guys butts, DJ and BM.
TT looks like chopped liver against Naadir. Turn over Taylor needs to keep it under 6 a game this year.

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Here we go again: KU women's basketball dealing with familiar struggles

Good candidates, Larry Brown, M. Lee, J. Case...

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