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Opinion: KU's stunning loss comes down to karma

Self needs to go!!! Get Danny back here ASAP Get the players better housing, Five star not Jayhawk motel. Cut a deal with UCLA to get Self out... fast...

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This KU player should thrive against Michigan's defense, plus a Trey Burke quirk to watch out for

Michigan is going to piss their pants... KU is due for a 20 point blowout!!! The only time we loose is when the guys get tried of winning... Four Seniors fool

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Opinion: Naadir Tharpe takes Bill Self on wild ride ... to the Sweet 16

I said long time ago that Naa is the best point g since Jo Jo White. People laughed at me. Understandable but, go look on u tube and put in his name and see yourself. I got to shake hands with Jo Jo when i was six in Allen.

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Kansas basketball v. Western Kentucky

The ugliest was the Zebras trying to throw the game.

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Bill Self questions team's toughness, desire following home loss to OSU

EJ is the Gremlin on this team. Billy ball is getting very boring and very hard to watch. Without Jeff and we wouldn't be in the top 25. We are just have to fake it the rest of the way. Go back and watch that Colorado game and see what was working then. Shoot the ball when open and pass the ball at lest 3 or 4 times before shooting it. Hard, crisp passes. ...Easy

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Andy Katz says KU should be No. 1; video of KU-MU brawl from 1961

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Notebook: Bill Self on Cyclones: 'Hey, they're good'

Why wasn't KY shooting it at the top? They was giving it to him all night. He wasn't even looking at it. I was thinking he was the jell to take us over the top this year. And others not taking it when open. It worked the other day. This was a different team last night. I think it was Keegan saying, we got in the bag. The guys took it easy thinking, how good they was but, not living the Now. Eli is the weakest link on the team. He comes and goes... The best 6th man on the team. T R kind of went missing for the most of the game too. All teams come here thinking this is their biggest game of the season. Kansas has to be focus looking at the back end of the rim or the little square on the back broad every game to match the Want of the other team.

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Chattanooga chew-chew: Bill Self's halftime words spur KU to 69-55 win

I was beginning to think our best coach went to Tulsa! Then Travis says, "let me take him" (Cobb). Thank God. I think Trav should get the MVP on this game. Helping our coaches win one.

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KU coach Bill Self talks about nonconference schedule, Anrio Adams (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

One of the things i like about BS is he is learning... and adjusts his game now days. Hope he sticks around as long as Max F. did.

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Two KU football players face charges after weekend fight at The Hawk; both players dismissed from team

If CW was the basketball coach he would have kicked TRob off the team for spitting on that guys face last year at the hawk. CW has no heart for his players, kill kill kill... He was never was young?

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