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Andrew Wiggins to appear on cover of SI

Haven't seen it. But I just saw the new policy for this website regarding comments. This will be my last one. Moving to Rock Chalk Talk.

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Opinion: Fake punt a risk not worth taking

The part that bothers me about this was not that Pardula mistakenly saw something that wasn't there but when he realized he would barely make it to the line of scrimmage let alone the additional 13 yards is that he wasn't smart enough to punt it quickly down the field. Although he might have just believed in his coach...."Weis was so confident of that he said, “It wouldn’t make a difference whether you needed 10 yards or you needed 40 yards. It wouldn’t make a difference. So therefore you don’t get scared off it.”

But this play did not lose the game. We had already seen the offense going 3 and out consistently and their offense moving the ball consistently. We just helped TTU too many times while shooting ourselves in the foot.

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Seeing red: Charlie Weis 'not content with anything' after KU's 54-16 loss to Texas Tech

No and no. Weis may be in over but Zenger is not.

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FINAL: Texas Tech rolls KU football, 54-16

Have to say that offensive performance was not only offensive but a pile of crap. Offensive line failure. Admire was getting blown up plus skuffs 3 snaps. Sterling was a third and short yip machine. How easy is it for a defensive coordinator when you have one QB to pass and one to run? Charlie's brainstorm for this week worked for all of one quarter. After that Tech made adjustments and we had nothing. Plus the offense screwed the defense by leaving them on the field most of the game once Tech figured us out. Last but not least too many stupid penalties and little heads up play. If we didn't score that TD in the 4th I would think we would have broken a record for most points given up after going to a 10 point lead. I like Charlie as our coach and believe he is on the right path overall but I just don't see his ego willing to accept an OC to work with him. This will leave Zenger in a tough spot if we don't show improvement from game to game. Today was a definite step backwards.

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Opinion: Talent limiting football offense

Seems the natives are getting restless prior to the conference start. Good, bad or ugly I look forward to seeing it all play out. I especially am looking forward to seeing improvement as we go. If not, it could be ugly and I am tired of ugly. Rock Chalk!

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Game Balls and Gassers: LA Tech

Forgot to mention I. Johnson's penalty on third and 8 that kept their drive alive. Hope they still have some muscle building going on during the season for the O-line. So good to see special teams making the difference. Really missed that the last couple of years.

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KU soccer tops S.D. State, 2-1

Love the away wins!

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Opinion: KU must get football to playmakers ... a lot

Simms 22. Short
Pierson 14. Plus
Miller 3. Way short.
Bourbon 9. Plus

50% and we still won thanks to special teams and two bad drops from La Tech. Don't think this tells us anything but I liked the idea.

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Breakdown: An example of KU's offensive line getting out-physicaled by Rice

There it is. (Two and a Half Men).

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