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KU men's basketball No. 6 in USA Today preseason coaches poll

Sweet. Not really caring if the community here knows my profile, but do care about about the people who don't know me. Please disassociate me from this profile ASAP.

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ESPN: Bill Self top coach for NBA


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Jayhawks survive tougher, condensed Boot Camp

Good info - and the CoC is a peculiar and wildly wonderful place. I'm kind of pissed off that no one mentioned this place to me 20 years ago.

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Jayhawks survive tougher, condensed Boot Camp

Thanks - Eli is a good guy, and I live in Mt P with a dock on the Wando... I'm on it :)

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Jayhawks survive tougher, condensed Boot Camp

OK... So we've finally moved to SC (cock country)... I'm freaked out... I'm going to be one of the people asking for a live feed in the Newell Post... I can't go buy ridiculous tix at AFH on game day anymore. I need to find a good place in Charleston where alums watch games.. I do surf often, which is not available in Kansas...

Very excited for the season...

P.S. I've figured out how to piss of Clemson fans. Pronounce Clemson with a "p" after the "m"...especially after they correct you. That $hit is funny.

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Self excited, but realistic, about upcoming season

I might be twerking with a giant foam finger, but this team will beat TCU by a couple dozen. Bank on it.

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Freshman KU basketball player Brannen Greene cited for leaving scene of accident

Oh boy. Nothing good comes from and unoccupied 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis.

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Lakers give Josh Selby a shot

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