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Jayhawks regroup, refocus after transfer of playmaker Keena Mays

Ok, new AD, here is your next hire! Time for Bonnie to go. She is ruining the recruiting base in TX having lost two very good players from the Dallas-Ft.Worth area during this calendar year. And, this will not be the last transfer from this current team. I know women's basketball doesn't get much attention outside of Duke or UConn, but how long will the administration accept sub .500 records and the decline of the KU sports image in a hot recruiting area?

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Gary Bedore's KU basketball notebook: Bill Self speaks on recruiting

It really bothers me to hear fans talk about the recruiting ability of HCBS. You want to know why *THIS* KU team is picked in the 11-15 range in almost all publications? Bill Self! The return of Robinson and Taylor aside, this team is viewed favorably because of the coaching ability of Self and this staff. I'll take a coach who can teach, motivate, and push his players (McDonald's All-Americans or not) to achieve things as a team over a Calipari who gets five superstars every year but always has that one fatal flaw that causes them to lose in big games.

Give me four-year players like Taylor (admittedly without the headaches) to whom I can become attached; give me homegrown gym rats like Morningstar and Reed; give me players who work to increase their abilities like the Morris twins; give me walkons who sit the bench, practice hard, provide the scout team, and step up when their time comes like (hopefully) Tehan and Wesley. Those are the kinds of players to build your program around.

Do I expect a 30-2 record and another regional final, probably not. But, do I believe with the ability of Coach Self, and his staff, it could be an "overachieving" season like that - yes.

I am just glad it starts tonight!!

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Kansas bowling places 15th in opener

38 varsity teams and four JV .... seriously?? JV for bowling???

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KU basketball offers Texas prep

Have seen this kid, and Smart, play since they were freshman in high school. He is every bit as quick and smooth a ball handler as Collins (without the weight issues). In addition, he is a better shooter from long range and is "basketball smart". From what I understand from teaching contacts in TX, he is a very good student - in the classroom and as a leader. Don't sell him short (no pun intended) because of his height or his recruiting ranking. He is the type of player who will be there for four years, lead his team, and get the most cheers at Senior Night. He is the talented player who makes it possible to bring in others who are 1-year or 2-year players to make your team championship material. These types of players bring annual success along the lines of regional championships and Final Fours without the annual turnover (see KY). Dont' get fooled by the number beside the name on the recruiting list. But, be happy if you see his name and number in an Allen Fieldhouse program for four years.

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Jayhawks suffer first loss of year

A basketball coach's review of the performance - (1) defensive end => no help defense on drives - too many layups - inside players (Morris twins, in particular) standing and watching; no ball pressure to the normal degree - Collins, Reid, Taylor asleep at the wheel; lack of rebounding - anyone rebound other than Aldrich?; (2) offensive end => lack of ball movement - two passes and a chunk from 3-point range (how many threes? not 'Hawks game); lack of aggressiveness from inside players - well-documented in all the posts; lack of aggressiveness from outside players - for X. Henry to be the player he wants to be in the pros he has got to improve his 'slash' game, Taylor has to learn to finish, as a point of reference - you can pass over the players on Belmont, TN Tech (or whoever else) but the athletes at TN, Texas, etc., *CAN* jump and the ball can be bounced on a pass; (3) Coaching - Johnson has produced in his time on the floor although he makes "technical" errors; would like to see more of Robinson - but, as Coach Self said after the Temple game "who you going to sit?"

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