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A look at how all 5 Jayhawks on the floor made David McCormack's game-sealing jumper possible Saturday vs. Oklahoma

Pretty standard stuff. Slip screen from the high post to low, Feed to the corner shooter and pass to the low post. McCormack's execution of the shot, spinning to the lane and avoiding the trailing defender trying to knock the ball out of his hands, was exceptional, His improvement in the low post has been great to see.

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Impact performers: Harris, Braun lead No. 6 Kansas to bounce-back win over Saint Joseph's

KU may have found its (basketball) quarterback. Badly needed,

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Quick recap: No. 6 Kansas bounces back with 94-72 win over Saint Joseph’s

""We needed a spark and he gave it to us," Self said of Harris on the FS1 broadcast. "I thought he was great defensively.""

Not easy to predict who HCBS will play, but based on his comments and how DH played today, he should get a shot as KU's starting point guard. Very close to Devonte's defensive abilities and is able to run the offense very well.

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KU adds commitment from another southeastern DB, Jayson Gilliom

Aqib Talib was a "2-star" as well.

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KU plans to ride with true freshman Jalon Daniels as 'the guy' at No. 1 QB

"It appears the Kansas football team’s starting quarterback question is finally resolved: Barring an injury or any other unpredictable turns, freshman Jalon Daniels should retain his spot atop the depth chart, KU coach Les Miles said Monday."

Not really any choice to make. The season, from we hoped to take a step forward perspective, is over. To use a baseball analogy, KU is playing in a AAA league with players who should be in the rookie league. Player development takes time and patience. Let's hope the coaching staff proves to be good at it.

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KU women's basketball returns to practice ahead of 2020-21 campaign

1999-2000 under Marian Washington. Bonnie did have two consecutive sweet sixteen appearances between 2011-2013

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Hall of Famer, former KU football star Gale Sayers dies at 77

As a 9th grader, I had the honor and privilege of watching Gale play in 1964 against Oklahoma. He took a kickoff back 93 yards before you could say the word "touchdown," spearheading an upset 15-14 KU victory over the Sooners. What a great Jayhawk and a great pro.

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Quartet of newcomers brings a little bit of everything to the 2020-21 Kansas basketball roster

Building a football team is a process that's taken over a decade and five coaches to even achieve sufficient recruiting levels to start competing. I graduated in '74 and we were a basketball school then under Ted Owens and remain even more so under Bill Self. So, yes, in this time of a deadly pandemic when we are isolated and struggling to keep "chopping wood" as Coach Mangino would say, let's talk basketball!

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