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Open KU football practice provides hints of what depth chart could look like

Hi there. Not disclosing a depth chart before even having the spring game is much different than waiting until the first week of the season to announce who your starting QB will be.

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Jayhawks higher than expected in early look at 2019-2020 Top 25 rankings

Yeah these rankings really mean nothing at this point. Especially because it's all predicated on who comes back and who doesn't and we won't have a firm answer on that until the end of May.

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Les Miles: Penalties upsetting for coaches, players at spring practice

Hopefully we can clean up the penalties now before the season starts. That's one of those things that is totally under your control and good teams limit those. Look at KSU. They haven't always had the best players or the most explosive teams, but they are great at the fundamental things and they don't hurt themselves with penalties. That's a great place to start for this team.

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Key dates for Jayhawks who might be considering leaving KU early

Interesting to note that Matthew Hurt's decision date is April 19. I'm sure we'll know by then who is at least testing but we might not know who is for sure staying in the draft. I wonder how it might impact his decision (if at all) if Dedric doesn't hire an agent right out of the gate.

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KU target Matt Hurt sets date to announce college decision

Let's hope he announces before anything comes to light from the NCAA about punishments for the Adidas investigation. They said they would likely reveal something after the 2018 season so sometime in April is a real possibility.

I'm sure we'll also hear news about Dok's and Dedric's plans for the NBA before April 19. That will likely impact his decision somewhat. Hopefully we hear about Silvio's appeal too. If he can play in 2019 then that's great, and he and Hurt can definitely play together. But if he can't play then I'm sure he'll leave and losing Dok, Dedric, and Silvio would make this signing even more important.

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Carrying Kansas: Junior forward Dedric Lawson born and bred for what lies ahead

What does it mean to be "sleepy-smooth" Matt? lol

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Daniel Wise finishes in top 10 among D-linemen in 2 drills at NFL combine

Sounds like a potential 5th round sleeper. Hope he finds a good spot.

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Once Marcus Garrett is ready, transition should be smooth for Jayhawks

He may not change the team dynamic but he is going to take someone's minutes. If it's anyone other than Grimes then I think that's a mistake on Self's part.

You're obviously not messing with Dotson or Lawson. And you can't take away minutes after the kind of effort and production Lightfoot and Agbaji are giving. So it's gotta be Grimes.

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Relative struggles aside, Jayhawks still winning and capable of more; Will they deliver is the question

Just wait until they play KSU later this month. It won't be quiet.

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KU freshman Quentin Grimes explains reason for season-long struggles

Wouldn't surprise me at all to see Q have a horrible game tonight. His personality suggests to me that this environment will get to him.

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