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Kansas safety Johnquai Lewis is 8th football player to transfer in 5 days

I haven't seen Lance and Co make many missteps so far so it is my opinion if this group of 8 are transferring out, it is probably for opportunities to play more elsewhere. Also, I'm not sure many if any of the kids that have left are actual recruits of the current coaching staff and/or high impact players. Everything I hear and see is positive and I imagine there will be some additions to this class through late signees and/or portal additions. One thing is clear, it's Liepold's show and he looks for a specific type of player and doesn't sign players just to have another body around. Depth is important but when you are digging out of the hole this program created over 12 years, it takes some time to do it correctly - I'm looking forward to see what this team can accomplish this year. I estimate 2-4 wins but also playing more competitively will be a sign how the program's progressing. The fight this team displayed in the last 3 games last year and against OU while being well undermanned w injuries etc. gives us a glimpse of the future and I believe it will be good -- Rock Chalk

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Former Auburn OC Chip Lindsey expected to be hired by KU

Agree with this -

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Former Auburn OC Chip Lindsey expected to be hired by KU

Gus would not keep his hands off of the offense. Gus runs an offense that relies on the read option. He has not had a QB since Nick Marshall who could run (especially run) and throw a little. With Jeremy Johnson, Sean White and Jarrett Stidham, you had throwers and not runners so you played 10 on 11 each play because "Gus" constantly states "We are a running team". Kansas had a better offensive line than Auburn had this year. Chip is a fantastic hire and a very good recruiter. Trust me when I tell you we saw nothing of his offense in Auburn.

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Matt Tait: Bender's debut worth feeling good about

Two air raid transfer QBs this week with their first start at their new school - which stats would you prefer?? Which one was more highly touted??

12-24 / 187 yds / 2 TD / 1 INT
23-37 / 364 yds / 4 TD / 2 INT

Perfect? - No but come on folks - did you really expect perfect?

SEMO? - Sure they should not have been in the game or much of a challenge but don't let everything you've read make you believe this team is ready for prime time. This is still a work in progress and a number of 2 and 3 star guys that are being coached correctly finally (IMO) are going to find more W's this year that last year (IMO) - It's week 1 folks - enjoy the W and get ready for week 2. There are certainly greater challenges ahead and believe me - we will find out how good we are --

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Former KU lineman Keith Loneker Sr. dies

I've known Lonny since his playing days when he would come into The Jayhawk Cafe w Chris Maumalanga all the time. Extremely nice guy and a true Jayhawk. He and I had a chance to talk some over the last 6-8 months on FB. I knew he was sick but didn't know how bad it really was. Super talented on the field and off - Rest easy my friend!

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Tom Keegan: Nine potential successors for Self

I'd put Bruce Pearl on that list before that scumbag Pitino - Give me a break-----

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KU legend Clyde Lovellette dies at age 86

Great Jayhawk loss - Rest in Peace Clyde!

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Notable faces missing from Day 1 of spring football

I think we have one more year with a little less than a full allotment of scholarships but it would be as bad a last year. The following year, I think we will be back at a full 25. HCDB is doing everything he can with the hand he was dealt and doing it very well. I think the future is brighter --

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Self: Three players obvious for All-Big 12

With all due respect, @ 24-4 this year, if you are preparing for next year, your doing it wrong. I agree if we were 18-10 or something like that and really had no chance to make a deep run in the tournament, get them minutes and experience for next year. Right now though, I lean toward playing the best options to win. CD and CB are getting better all the time but it is in spurts. I think after a full off season in Hudy's program and gaining a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities - Look Out!!

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Traditional powers primed for battle

Unless - of course - you look at the 2nd name on the overall Kentucky roster?

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