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Mangino’s words just overkill

Bad column. Really, just bad.

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KU vs. Duke

Hardly a highlight reel.

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OU's Bradford taking huge risk

I think it's even more of a risk because at some point they're going to stop the madness of the HUGE contracts for unproven talent. Veterans don't like it, causing team dynamics issues. I like the NBA model better where you're first four years are guaranteed at a specific value depending on where you're drafted.

I hope Stafford will use some of that huge contract to do good things in the sinkhole that is currently Detroit's economy...

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Defense — not offense — killing Jayhawks

This might be the best column ever written on this site.

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Aldrich earns top Keegan honor

The offensive foul call wasn't very good, but he should be T'd up 100 times out of 100 for bumping a ref. Unless your blind and can't see a ref in your way, you move around a ref....especially after getting called for a foul and everyone knows your upset. morris was an idiot for a split second. He completely deserved a T.

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18-rebound day gives Aldrich top Keegan honor

I'm not sure you can qualify or quantify Tyrel's performance was better than Morningstar's.

February 7, 2009 at 9:17 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

KU tries new tactics in getting scalpers to stop selling basketball tickets

In a free market, if a seller has something to sell and finds a buyer willing to purchase at an agreed upon price, then a transaction should be able to take place. I agree with whomever said that if KU has already sold the ticket then they should really not get involved if someone wants to resell it. Seems like there are more important things to spend public safety officers time on.Why does anyone care it a sales tax issue?

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Kansas notebook

Kansas recruits guys who are going to help them win championships. Memphis recruits guys who are going to increase the profile of a program that plays in the C-USA. If he isn't interested in winning a national championship, but more on just playing a year and getting selected early in the draft, than Memphis is a place for him. They can go 30-5, undefeated in the C-USA, and lose as soon as they see a team that's any good in the tournament...if he comes here I don't think he'll be one and done. Have we ever had a one and done player?

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KU scraps past NU

I am so glad that someone else remembered the shorts incident with Gottlieb. That was one of my most memorable games when I was at KU. I still have a hard time with that guy's arrogance these days because I think about him putting his shorts on backwards. Thanks for bringing that up Puggy.

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Billy Self, not the KU coach Bill Self, is in Douglas County Jail

This is in slightly poor taste. This dude obviously has some problems, but they don't need to be made fun of in the media, especially not this site that should be focusing on sports.

January 8, 2009 at 6:20 a.m. ( | suggest removal )