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Chancellor Girod fires KU Athletic Director Sheahon Zenger, citing lack of progress and necessary change in leadership

Man, what does it say about someone when you'll pay them $1.5mm to not be in a job?

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KU coach Bill Self says Hunter Mickelson 'more of a perimeter player' than Jeff Withey

Sounds interesting to me too though. Maybe Wiggins' dad will be considered for Doc's position after-all, but not because Doc is getting promoted.

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Roy riled up about UNC's seed, not possible KU match-up

I'd love to get Randle and Wiggins. But if we don't our bigs are Ellis, Traylor and Lucas. I'm more concerned with our guard play next year than bigs whether we get either of these guys or not. My predictions is that we get Randle and Wiggins goes to FSU.

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'Not our time': KU can't close out lead, falls 21-17 to Texas

We could be near that with the current personnel. We've lost four games by a combined 18 points.

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Playing two quarterbacks doubles the troubles for KU football in 52-7 loss to Oklahoma

Remember, Coach Mangino went 2-10 his first year.

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Gary Bedore's KU basketball recruiting notebook

Sayin it again. Daniels to Duke. Just because no one is saying it yet from his camp doesn't mean he hasn't decided. I would love to get him, but I'm he's going to Duke.

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Kentucky prep Tony Kimbro to visit

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Kentucky prep Tony Kimbro to visit

We're not getting Daniels. He's going to Duke.

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Alabama prep Trevor Lacey to visit

Daniels will go to Duke. They want him to replace Singler. They came in late on him and got him quick. I've said it before on him but you can book it. He's going to Duke.

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Spring signing period kicks off for KU basketball

Probably nothing wrong with Self's choice of a high/low offense. It increases your shooting percentage and opens the floor, and that's only if we don't get a fast break basket. Seriously, if you that aren't into the system looked at another school's coach and his stats looked like this, would you be negative about them:

8 seasons
236-45 (.840)
7 Straight Conference Championships in a BCS Conference
1 National championship
Last 5 years national rank in points per game:5,5,34,10,21

If you want to complain about a team's offense, go pick on a big 10 team.

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