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Tom Keegan: Kansas safety Mike Lee eager to show he's more than a hard hitter

I like Mike Lee. I just want to see him complete his tackles. I like the hard hits but I get more enraged when they are missed vs. the excitement when they are made. The juice is just not worth the squeeze. I would love to see him pull Kelvin Joseph to KU along with the other two from LA.

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Khalil Herbert rushed for 291 yards and didn't win Big 12 weekly honor

2 things-

1) I can see the TCU guy getting an MVP award for the week but not offensive player of the week. That has to be disheartening. Khalil had more offensive production IMO.

2.) Thank You for fixing the David Winbush debacle. When it popped up on tv. on Saturday it said 1978. (Unless my eyes were tricking me)
It took me back to spring ball '98-99 and unless it was an unlikely event where two people had the same exact name, exactly 20 years apart, and at the same position and school, I didn't think it was right.

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Kansas receiver Ryan Schadler back playing sport he loves most

I thought he was the spring game stud. He stood out the most to me anyway. Wishing him well this season!

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Tom Keegan: OC Doug Meacham wise to tap brakes on KU offense

So glad to see this. This was my number one issue with the performances of the last 2 weeks although it showed more last week. However, I hope they don't just go to a total slow offense though. I think there are times they are going to need to be able to move in and out of a hurry up offense.

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Notebook: WR Steven Sims hopes to return at Ohio

Since this an injury related article it reminds me of one more thing I noticed last week that was really irritating. Did anyone else notice that every time we got burned last week someone
"came up limp." Were they really hurt or was their pride banged up? This happened on several occasions.

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Juco teammates de-commit from KU football

As I stated earlier on a different thread..... Devonta Jason is getting special attention and visits from the staff at LSU.
Meanwhile we have two Alabama players, (one is a wide receiver from Louisiana) sitting on the bench here in KS watching 32 passes go incomplete while we get our A$$es handed to us by someones baby cousin that goes to Sisters Of The Poor University.
We are far removed from a D1., power 5, Big XII conference school.

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Tom Keegan: Charles Baldwin vanishes from Kansas football depth chart

If you follow the recruiting much on twitter..... That Louisiana pipeline doesn't look that solid anymore. Also DC is technically from Louisiana, I believe. Him not playing, in conjunction with us getting smashed, is likely to have a negative impact in recruiting those LA boys. IMO
Also LSU has been paying attention and is coming back for them. Giving them extra attention. Not to be a pessimist or anything. Jus sayin

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Following loss, David Beaty declares need for balance in KU's offense

I apologize to anyone logged in on the live coverage section Saturday. I was furious and its highly likely it showed. I gave GASSERS to Tornedon and Meachem at approx.the end of the 3rd qtr. Ts- Defense was terrible. he couldn't have wrapped up his mother to get a nice hug if she was standing still. Ms-play calling was atrocious as pointed out in the article. I am pleased to see this article today but still some what unsatisfied. I know that nobody answers to me, but I would like to know WHY! We know the play calling was unbalanced but WHY? Here is what I knew before the game started and this is WITHOUT watching film, preparing, or reading a scouting report. Also I am not a Professional coach!!
1) Their secondary is the their best defensive unit. 2) They picked six interceptions the previous week. 3) Our best receiver was not playing/ or limited reps.
1) We were not completeing passes. 2) He was being pressured well. 3) PB was throwing int's and numerous incompleres. 4) Three quick incomplete passes in an hurry up offense= POOR CLOCK MGMNT!! I feel like they would have scored less if we had the ball longer despite our defensive woes.
1) They allowed us almost 150 yds rushing= not bad, easily could have had more given the chance. 2) 3.6 or 4.8 ypc is a 1st down every 3- plays. NUFF said!! 3.) 2 INTs + 2 Sacks
4) 5/18 3rd downs conv.=terrible. 5) clear lack of clock mgmnt when considering our terrible defense, hurry up offense, and our unproductive pass only approach.
Just my 2 cents here. I think this game was way more manageable than the way it played out.
The #1 positive I came away with was, We rocked the 4th downs. That will be good down the road.

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Tom Keegan: Football transfers need more than talent to succeed

Son of a ....., I feel like there is a little foreshadowing going on here but you are trying to stay hopeful and positive. Maybe he will read this article and suddenly change. IDK! I hope I am wrong. This past Sunday was a huge let down. Not just from Quiv., but the basketball team took a hit as well from Lawson. Were they all just overwhelmed with excitement, and restlessness due to the start of camp and the Italy trip? I know they are just kids, and it was only two guys, but dang it hit us hard. Now today there is a de-commit, and we have been slowly losing the Louisiana commits. Falling from 12 to 43 in recruiting. I mean the sky isn't falling in, but its not exactly all sunshine and rainbows either. I'm ready for them to turn this thing around.

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KU's receiving depth has David Beaty fired up about group's potential

All of those are good options to be excited about. I agree they will need to use Harrell's size effectively. If I remember right, I was really impressed with Ryan Schadler even after M. Lee put the stick on him. He seemed pretty fast, and good out of the back field. (outlet option)
As stated above though.....The line has to provide time to find the open man.

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