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KU offense laments first-down duds in second half at Texas

You know what sucks? Not to be negative Nancy but the #1 thing that stuck out to me in this whole article was..... They're gonna have OU humiliate us on ESPN in the middle of the afternoon. I'd be cool with a morning kickoff on ESPNU or even blackout the game! Radio would suffice.

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Jayhawks a popular Final Four pick among ESPN college hoops analysts

We played pretty good tonight and I would love to believe we will be in the Final Four or win another NC. However, here is the fact of the matter..... You can't achieve either of those things if you can't get past the elite eight. So I am looking for that win first.

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Tom Keegan: Facts contradict Sheahon Zenger's faith in David Beaty

Never thought I would say this about Bowen but regardless how much he likes place, he should be the first to go IMO.

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Notebook: Ribordy returns to offensive line; 'Fire Zenger' banner flies before kickoff

Thank You!! I wondered how long it would take for someone to consider putting Charlot on Defense? I have thought about suggesting it a 1000X but there is always so much more to complain about and I am sure someone would say...."what do you know about coaching."
How about getting some of the small, faster guys on special teams? How about sure tacklers. Do we have anyone of those? Any willing to step up and find out?
I feel like there should still be a few shifts in personnel. Schadler IMO is one of my favorite guys on the team but I worry about him returning kicks. I love the speed but he seems to lack vision. Although, he is far from the biggest worries. I wonder how T. Martin would do returning kicks? He s not our best back for sure.
Also, as much as I rag on Tornedon. I must compliment him at least once. He had some good plays tonight. One in particular he came up big on.

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A look at college football's worst three-game losing streaks

Whoa! Lets not over react. We have not completely hit total rock bottom yet. We keep proving each week there is in fact more room to slide deeper down this endless hole. With that said, and having several more weeks of football left we could possibly still....
1) Have way more purple show up to our home game. (KSU) *likely
2) We still have a small handful of recruits left to lose. *likely
3) We could have a game in which no fans show up (getting less and less each week)
4) We could have a game in which no players show up. *(Many of them have already mentally checked out. That is obscenely obvious.)
So when you say hit rock bottom to get a reaction from the administration.... It makes me wonder which of these will be the final straw.

****Bring on Les Miles.***
He can fix this and was in Ft. Worth Saturday

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Meacham's familiarity with TCU assisting KU's preparation for No. 4 Frogs

IDk why but I have a huge issue with this statement.....

"Bowen said Meacham’s familiarity with TCU’s offensive personnel “across the board” proved beneficial."
In my opinion it hasn't proven anything. The game has not been played yet. Also after it is played and we see the final score.. Do you think we will be able to look back and say the extra knowledge was able to prove anything. I mean, I am sure its nice to info to have but WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO WITH IT??? Stop tripping on your own d@mned feet and use that extra info to win. Then and only then we will see that it "proved" to be beneficial.

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Tom Keegan: Clock tick, tick, ticking on Kansas AD Sheahon Zenger

Here would be my top option.

1) How about Dave Aranda (LSU)? He is ready to be a HC. We need a real defensive coach, especially in this conference. We have some offensive talent, and a decent OC. I also believe that if Aranda came, that would shore up our Louisianna recruits and position us for more. He might also bring Kelvin Joesph with him. ( a top DB that is currently on the fence with us and LSU. That would help our defensive woes. We could hang onto Beaty until his contract is over so no buyout is necessary while grroming one of the other two to take over should the ship not right itself. Tell Meacham and Aranda the best performer becomes HC in the end. They say competition brings out the best in everyone.

2) Bring back Mangino!! The only reason this isn't my top choice is because I doubt that would ever happen and most of all..... WHY would he want to come back? We are in a deeper hole than before, and this university took a big fat sh$t on him once already. I am sure we could offer enough money he would accept the job but after the damage has been done.... can you really buyout a sour attitude? (after taste) He was done pretty badly.

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KU fans split on idea of Border War scrimmage

Any real KU fan with a spine or principles.. Says "ABSOLUTELY NOT!"
Seriously, what is the university thinking?? We're losing football supporters daily and now they want to gouge 52% of their basketball fans. (per @mtait) That's not even considering the business end. It cant possibly help KU to bring back relevance to MU especially in the KC market where we recruit and sell tix. Whose idea was this anyway. They should have to come forth with names.

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Is the Border War back?

Not to be too over dramatic but I feel this is a huge betrayal on the part of our admin. if we do. We all know the cause and circumstance why this went down. We are winning this thing and have absolutely no reason to jump in again. Making me choose between my moral conscience (charity+ supporting my team) vs. my principles (they made a choice, we made a stand) its almost like a betrayal by the administration. I will not attend this and will be highly disappointed if it goes down.
What if one or two of our best players went down? What if that cost us the game? What if it costs us another conference title? What about a title run?
This thing smells afoul much like a false flag. Attaching it to "charity" as to win our hearts for such a match is just pure disgusting! Its not even real charity to me. Will everyone working the event be doing it totally free? Does anyone get paid anything? Much like the Red Cross is not charity either. Their CEO makes millions. This is nonsense and I can't support it. That is unfortunate for our players and the charity, if people don't show up to the event because of the MU aspect.
Pick somebody else!
Wheew Sorry!

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Blowout losses common theme this decade for Kansas football

Truthfully, I am not ready to get rid of Beaty. However, I am at the end of my rope with Bowen.
I would like to see what Beaty can do with his new recruits. (Lousianimals)
Yet I do wonder what it would take to get Les Miles in. Or what about a return of the Mangino. Not that I think either of those would happen, it is fun to speculate.
I am going to hang tight this season. Should Beaty lose T. Hull or his recruits.... That may be the final nail for me. At this point I am still thankful they have saved me a couple grand in tix. and travel expenses. I put off buying season tix one more year.
I think we should go after a top teir DC with the message..... If our team continues to struggle again in 2018 they may become head coach. (I mean top level DC's)

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