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Jayhawks say Monday's national title win helped avenge lost opportunity in 2020

Ryan, I read on a Baylor message board (was curious to read their thoughts on the game) that if we did slow up play to allow Bacot to get back, that it was a class move. Unlike Bill Rafferty who thought we should have attacked.

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KU's Bill Self says Jayhawks need more athleticism to become national contender

While I wouldn't go as far as Mr. Landon, I know that Kansas should not lose to anyone by 30+. Ever. Anyone knowing how businesses work and this is a business, the CEO always gets blamed for the low earnings or bad publicity, just the way it is. Is USC a better team than Kansas. This year's team was. But still, these slow starts from the team start with coaching and this has to be rectified. 0/8 isn't a great way to start.

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'I didn't expect this': WR Stephon Robinson Jr. emerges as key KU playmaker

Len, you’re right. Tech was stacking the box to prevent Pooka from beating them & that opened the door for the receivers. Tighten up the D and special teams, & we’ve got us an exciting finish to the season. Coach Miles said the teams best play is coming up

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Matt Tait: Moral victories have their place with Kansas football

Seriously, what's it cost you to drink the Koolaid and get your hopes up?

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KU athletic director apologizes for risque Snoop Dogg show at Late Night in the Phog

from everything I've heard, ppl loved Snoop and the entire event, times have changed and ppl need to chill.

Thank You Snoop

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Postseason bans, lack of institutional control not necessarily a death sentence for blue blood programs

I expect the shoe companies to steer high school players to the their flagship schools, I see nothing wrong with it. Not like Kansas is getting two of the top 10 every year to begin with, and who else besides Preston and Silvio did Adidas steer to Kansas? are you saying Silvio wouldn't have attended Kansas without Adidas's help?

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Notebook: KU victory at BC uniquely satisfying for Jayhawks

well, for any financially strapped Kansas fan, I'll buy two tickets and donate them if you and your guest will show up. We need the crowd

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Jayhawks’ beat down of Boston College a real attention grabber

I think the team did better than "okay today"! The team played great. End of story

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Ramsey's road: A dog, a chain and a fast path to becoming the strength coach at Kansas

Could help with recruiting considering his NBA ties

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