Dirk Medema dagger108

Dirk Medema dagger108


Dirk Medema 13 years, 4 months ago

Interesting analysis Jaybate. It ocurrs to me that this same concept is born out in other places as well.It is one of the common comments regarding the NBA finals; game to game adjustments. I've also heard it said that it is the reason some teams/players get shut down in MLB playoffs; good opposing pitchers figure out thru the regular season what a players weakness is and have the ability to exploit it.It is a lot easier to use/blame a convenient cliche like the "freshman wall". For the casual fan that is probably all their minds can/want to deal with.The good news is that BRush and others have shown that it is possible to learn other offensive/defensive techniques. The bad news is that it is probably unlikely to happen in the next month or 2. The real unfortunate part though is that wannabes are likely to jump on message boards and post all sorts of brilliant analysis (personal attacks) that only serves to drag him down. Glad to see that Sherron has his back, and that he doesn't need to look far for inspiration concerning growth. In the words of the other sport - "keep sawin' wood" Taylor.

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