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KU defense rolls as new coach Lance Leipold observes spring game

Rodney does have a valid point. Our defense had 3 picks last night. I’m not sure that we had 3 picks all season. Did our defenders get THAT much better? I would love to say yes, but in reality...then our defense had 21 tackles for loss.....TWENTY ONE. That should scare everyone about our OL. Unless the defense just got 1,000 times better since November.

I believe our defense will be better this year, but the offense still scares me to death.

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KU football coaching search: 3 selling points for Jeff Monken

I’m not overly excited AT ALL with Monken. I’m not crazy about Leipold either. Neither have P5 experience and it’s a big jump. However, we will probably hire one or the other. I will just log this away for a couple of years from now when people who were praising them start asking for their heads.

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KU women's basketball coach Brandon Schneider announces hiring of 2 new assistants

Agreed Dirk. I’m not sure how many years a guy gets before shown the door, but it takes time to build a roster with your recruits and the type of players you are recruiting.
1. It took 3 years to get his recruits in and be at the sophomore/junior level to be able to actually play.
2. When he finally had a roster in place, he lost his best 2 players for the year due to injury.
3. Last year COVID threw some wrenches in. I get it, there were wrenches in every school.
4. We basically started one Senior and the rest were very young.
5. The Big XII is a tough conference.
6 aside from Baylor, we were MUCH more competitive than in years past. I believe Terry Nooner had something to do with that.
7. We have a lot of potential talent back, plus some good recruits, plus Terry Nooner. I say give him this year.
8. The frustrating part is we were in many games deep into the 4th quarter and couldn’t get it done. If we could have, we would have definitely been an NIT team. They need to learn how to win now. Part of that is confidence and execution. The other part is coaching. Eyes are on you this year Brandon.

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Kansas basketball officially inks prep guard Bobby Pettiford Jr.

In what I have been seeing in the transfer portal.....TT is going to be down. OU lost Brady Manek and another. They will be down. Iowa St wasn’t good and lost there top 2 scorers to the transfer portal....... It will definitely be Baylor and Texas as our stiffest competition, then OSU and I believe KSU pussycats will not be bottom dwellers next year. WVU will be OK, but nothing great.

Depending on what Beard can draw to Texas, they may be the team to beat year in and year out.

With sssoooooo many 1 through 3 guards on the roster, those that don’t see as much playing time may be gone after next year. We live in a “me” mentality and an “instant gratification” generation. Hopefully BS recruits those who are willing to work hard and wait for their turn.

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AD Travis Goff addresses KU football team after Thursday's spring practice

Unless the head coach calls in the offensive plays, the defensive plays, and specialty teams plays, then his job is to lead. Yes, he is ultimately to blame if things go bad and gets the praise if things go good. His biggest responsibility is to hire good offensive and defensive line coaches, OC and DC, linebackers and receivers coaches, etc. his impact will be leading by example and getting the respect and “want to” out of the players. The player improvement will come from the specialty coaches.

I’m all for leaving him as head coach right now. Sure, go ahead and look, but don’t feel like we “have” to get a hire by mid May. He has the players excited, now let him look at our specialty coaches and evaluate them. Maybe some of them need to go.

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4 potential KU football coaching candidates who are established Group of 5 winners

I remember seeing DOZENS of comments saying Les was “the man” to bring us out of the cellar. If everybody is saying Monken, then that’s my que to say NO

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4 potential KU football coaching candidates who are established Group of 5 winners

If we do the triple option, we may win 3 games a year.....forever and ever. Going the other route, we still may only win 3 games a year, but it would at least be more exciting. NO TRIPLE OPTION

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Game day breakdown: No. 3 seed Kansas vs. No. 14 seed Eastern Washington, Round 1 NCAA Tournament

@Dirk. I agree, except sometimes our “D” hasn’t been very elite.
With that said, we won 8 of our last 9 with the lone loss on the road, in overtime, against a ranked team......which we should have beat.
Our other big plus.....I’m not sure that I have ever seen a better “in game” coach than Self. He makes gametime, real time adjustments better than most. So long as our boys listen to him and execute, we should be fine

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KU women's basketball coach Schneider optimistic about team's future

It is frustrating, however I saw progress this year. Many competitive games. Some more good recruits. I say that next year is the defining year for Schneider

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KU's Bill Self on pulling out of Big 12 tourney: 'The end game hasn't been affected'

Yes, I’m scared to death of this virus with a 99.8% chance of survival. (Sarcasm inserted)
Experts say that if the mask isn’t worn correctly, it’s highly ineffective....basically useless. An estimated 99% of people don’t have a proper mask or wear it incorrectly.
My mother tested positive. She is 77, diabetic, high blood pressure, on 5 different medications, didn’t even have to go to the hospital.
I have friends that tested negative, but got letters telling them to stay home because they tested positive.
I even have friends who WEREN'T tested and got letters that they tested positive

Let’s be honest. I can respect those who disagree, but are at least truthful. The virus is real. For those who have other underlying conditions, the threat is greater, but not guaranteed to die. Younger people are almost guaranteed to survive. They have a better chance of dying in a car wreck. Maybe we should ban vehicles and save lives. Most Americans are smart, if they feel sick, they stay home. If a mask makes you feel better, wear it. Shoot, wear a full body armor suit and walk around like a zombie, I really don’t care.
Just don’t make me conform to your ideology. I spent 27 years in service fighting to protect the Constitution, allow me the freedoms I fought for.

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