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Kansas safety Kenny Logan Jr. named to preseason All-Big 12 team

While it is encouraging that we are returning a lot of starters (with experience), let’s not get too “giddy”. We were the worst in the Conference in almost every single category on defense. We were second to last in the NATION in 1. Tackles for loss (thank you Akron), 2. Scoring defense 42 points per game (thank you UMass), 3. 3rd down conversion defense (thanks again Akron). Lllllloooonnnngggggg way to go people, long way to go.

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IARP timeline for KU's infractions case was recently updated but resolution date remains unclear

That’s funny Andy. Bruce is probably wanting to get a hair cut. Being on the committee and rendering the “death penalty” would allow him to trim his mop. 😂😂

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Mask mandate back at Allen Fieldhouse; chancellor warns crowd size may be limited if compliance wanes

Because masks DON’T work. It’s been proven. Businesses that had 100% mask compliance were still getting it and spreading it. Does it help? Probably.....a little bit. But for people to think wearing a mask will bring this virus to its knees is delusional at best. Not for or against them; just stating facts.

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Wednesday's Kansas-Harvard men's basketball game canceled because of injuries, COVID issues within Harvard program

1. Yep. This 99% survival rate is so SCARY.
2. Flu causes death and can be spread, even with a vaccination. Let’s MANDATE that everyone must get the vaccine and cancel all games when flu is detected.
3. If we are about saving lives, smoking and alcohol are proven killers. Let’s make that illegal and ban them both.
4. The American people are not smart enough to make their own decisions anymore. The Government must be in control and run our lives for us.

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Reports: Emmett Jones leaving KU football; Lance Leipold hiring Syracuse's Terrence Samuel

I am not trying to be pessimistic but we were absolutely THRASHED by OSU, Baylor, Iowa State. Beaten soundly by KSU, Duke, and Coastal Carolina. Yes, we’re competitive the last 3 games, but Texas, TCU, and West Virginia were all bottom third of the Big XII standings. I am nowhere near sold on us turning any kind of corner. We need better talent. I hear all this hype about evaluating and developing 2 star and lower 3 star talent. True........however
1. Other Big XII coaches are pretty darn good too. They have shown that they can develop talent too.
2. The talent they are developing already starts at a higher level as we continue to be last in the league in recruiting

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Gary Woodland's first-round 67 lands him among leaders at Wells Fargo Championship

Gary hasn’t had a very good year. Way down on FedEx points and money list. Here’s to hoping he can find a rhythm and have some good finishes in the weeks ahead.

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Gary Woodland's first-round 67 lands him among leaders at Wells Fargo Championship

Gary hasn’t had a very good year. Way down on FedEx points and money list. Here’s to hoping he can break out of his slump and play some good golf.

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KU defense rolls as new coach Lance Leipold observes spring game

Rodney does have a valid point. Our defense had 3 picks last night. I’m not sure that we had 3 picks all season. Did our defenders get THAT much better? I would love to say yes, but in reality...then our defense had 21 tackles for loss.....TWENTY ONE. That should scare everyone about our OL. Unless the defense just got 1,000 times better since November.

I believe our defense will be better this year, but the offense still scares me to death.

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KU football coaching search: 3 selling points for Jeff Monken

I’m not overly excited AT ALL with Monken. I’m not crazy about Leipold either. Neither have P5 experience and it’s a big jump. However, we will probably hire one or the other. I will just log this away for a couple of years from now when people who were praising them start asking for their heads.

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KU women's basketball coach Brandon Schneider announces hiring of 2 new assistants

Agreed Dirk. I’m not sure how many years a guy gets before shown the door, but it takes time to build a roster with your recruits and the type of players you are recruiting.
1. It took 3 years to get his recruits in and be at the sophomore/junior level to be able to actually play.
2. When he finally had a roster in place, he lost his best 2 players for the year due to injury.
3. Last year COVID threw some wrenches in. I get it, there were wrenches in every school.
4. We basically started one Senior and the rest were very young.
5. The Big XII is a tough conference.
6 aside from Baylor, we were MUCH more competitive than in years past. I believe Terry Nooner had something to do with that.
7. We have a lot of potential talent back, plus some good recruits, plus Terry Nooner. I say give him this year.
8. The frustrating part is we were in many games deep into the 4th quarter and couldn’t get it done. If we could have, we would have definitely been an NIT team. They need to learn how to win now. Part of that is confidence and execution. The other part is coaching. Eyes are on you this year Brandon.

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