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KU football's 1-1 start not in sync with high bar of hope, expectations

Not sure Miles has to own all this... there were campaigns in flight prior to his arrival. #BreakTheCycle. In many ways the bar had been set. New stadium. New fan experience. All discussed prior to Miles. Did he feed the beast? Yep! But there's an under current brewing after this one loss that needs tempered IMO. These dudes aren't used to winning. Plain and simple. It'll take time... Rock Chalk!

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Kansas QB Carter Stanley: 'I let the team down'

Reading the message boards and Twitter it's really interesting to see how high expectations climbed for this team. Coaching will certainly help but personnel wins the day. We have the same guys who are still learning how to win. I'm disappointed but not totally surprised. This is not the time to throw in the towel. Breaking the cycle takes time and patience. Rock Chalk!

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Inside linebackers Dru Prox, Kyron Johnson content with playing every snap for Jayhawks

If these two are required to play every snap, they'll be spent mid way thru conference play. We have to develop depth. It separates good teams from really good teams. Hoping we can bring others along bc for the last couple years our talent level at a lot of positions has been competitive with other B12 schools... the difference is they can spell their guys and we haven't been able to resulting in getting smoked in the second half of games.

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Comparing how KU's offense did under center vs. shotgun against Indiana State

Pretty good summary for Coastal Carolina too.

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Running backs rule night, leading offense to 45-7 win at KU's spring game

Mat or Benton - can we get an updated roster uploaded to this site? Thanks!

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Give the man credit, Les Miles is going for it — for now

Yeah winning takes time but... not sure how you give more time to a man who hasn't completed a season yet. Just sayin :)
Excited to see what he can do! Rock Chalk!

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Benton Smith: Lagerald Vick's woes in crunch time loom large against Mountaineers

Here's an idea Benton and Matt... how bout a story on Lawson who rarely shows up in the first half of games to set the tone. We have a young team. He could be doing more in that regard.
If you're gonna single out Vick, be balanced and call out Lawson.

Rock Chalk.

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Postgame Report Card: Kansas 90, Stanford 84 (OT)

Good news. It's only December

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Les Miles thinks KU football can win in his first year on the job

4 wins next year would be a positive step. Yes we have talent returning but the best tacklers on a non tackling team are leaving (Joe/Daniel) and I don't see us outscoring teams unless a high profile QB is signed and can distribute the ball consistently. I liked Stanley but his deep ball and overall accuracy never improved in game. Maybe he gets another look but even then I don't see a big jump with him at the helm.

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KU's athletic director wants to build up football program, 'dig out of hole,' before tackling stadium

While I understand Long's point, today's recruits want to play in nice venues. Even the 2 and 3 star guys. I actually agree with DB when he says it's an arms race so we'll be hard pressed to "build the program" if we're not competing for better players. I hope Long can secure funds for upgrades in parallel to building the program. Time will tell...

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