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Column: Jayhawks tap into inner Yankee

Alexander will improve. I give him a lil leway because he is a freshman. Ellis is the one im continually frustrated about not playing above the rim. Hes had ample time to elevate his game to that level in my opinion.

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Recruit Carlton Bragg to announce college choice on Thursday

Actually.... I would be disappointed if Rodney never posted again. He is actually very realistic about things wether good or bad. I value his opinion and ability to share it even with those who refuse to see the truth in it. (I am assuming Rodney is a he here) I think its possible for a fan to be proud of all the history and tradition and everything that is absolutely great about the program and still be able to admit that we are losing the recruiting battle with UK. Now. Having said that. I dont have the slightest inclination how to fix that. So I, like many others. Trust in Self

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Kansas will have to wait and see about Graham's availability

Well... I cant say i know all that much. I have no inside sources. I do feel the entire truth about why CF transferred has not come out. And most likely wont. I do however find it alarming how everytime someone transfers and we dont really know why its suddenly a daddy issue that we never heard about before. As for Conner ever being a stud anywhere. I wouldnt care to speculate. But i will say this. I was at st louis last march. And i saw two guys that looked like they cared about beating stanford. Frankamp and Black. That was the truth of it from the seat i sat in. And for that reason if no other. I wish he would have stayed

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As expected, Big 12 skunked

Kind of seems to me like what everyone has beening viewing as the 5 "power 5" conferences is actually power 4. And the big 12 is in the next teir. According to what weve now seen today. Its tough to view that differently in my opinion. Looks like the big 12 was just the last one to find out there are only 4.

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No. 1 Kentucky steamrolls No. 5 Kansas

With respect. Best group of players? Yes. Perhaps. Not the best team weve faced though. Not yet. But i dont believe this UK team has begun to scratch the surface of how good they can be. I dont think they did anything tonight that was really that amazing. Just solid. Which our team was far from. They have time to get better. Ihave no expectations of this team moving forward. Just hopes

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No. 1 Kentucky steamrolls No. 5 Kansas

I really will be impressed if this team makes the tournament. I know its early. But i see the issues that bothered this team tonight. Length. Speed. Athletisicm. Bothering them all season. On a smaller scale no doubt. Not all teams are UK. But. I it wont take a team that is that good either with this type of performance. We have big men who im sorry arent big and arent men. And we have little to zero gaurd experience. Not a great equation for success

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No. 1 Kentucky steamrolls No. 5 Kansas

Is Ellis the boy who is just never gonna be a man?

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A sour ending: KU collapses late in 87-85 overtime loss to Michigan

All I can say is WOW. EJ did you really want your legacy at KU to be all about hitting a guy in the nutbag?? Come on man. That will be the first thing people will remember about you. It honestly does very nearly negate all the great things you did here.

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Three and OUch: Jayhawks' skid continues with road loss to Sooners

Already has the essentials down then! Smart girl! :)

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Three and OUch: Jayhawks' skid continues with road loss to Sooners

I like your approach here. I would add a couple wrinkles. First, Im not sure im totally on board with starting AW3. After the TCU game, im almost of the mind that the starting lineup is just set for the year. Go with the original 5, and hopefully they can come out and pop KSU in the mouth early. Then maybe around the under 16 send in Tharpe and AW3 for Rele and Young. Slide EJ to the two, Mac 3, AW3 4, and stick with it for atleast 4 minutes. Let White get his legs heated up a little, and then lets see if he hits his shots. My only concern is that White would be probably guarding Southwell, who hit for too many in my view in the octagon of dumb. But atleast we can find out early in the game if this works, and hopefully have time to recover if not. If nothing else we will atleast know if it's effective. Already on a losing streak. Nows the time to see what else might work. Even if it's just for short stints.

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