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KU football coaching search takes steps forward

there's only one way to know


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KU’s starting lineup in flux

"What am I, Chopped Liver?" - Brennen Greene

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Self confirms Naadir Tharpe transfer

Not a huge loss, made poor decisions on and off the court-

Love the way next year team is filling out

1. Mason/ Oubre/ Wright? (i like Oubre to start
2. Frankamp/ Oubre/ Selden
3. Selden, Greene, AW3
4. Perry, traylor
5. Cliff, Mickleson, Lucas

Selden can play the 2 or 3, his skill set would be better as a swingman, Frankamp, Mason, and Oubre, could all play the 1.

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Self: Embiid would have been focus

what about matt carlino from BYU,,, also,, there is no way we escape without transfers.. AW3 comes to mind, maybe Brennan with his minutes reduced as the season progressed

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Joel Embiid to announce future plans at news conference today

u do realize kentucky isnt on his short list...right?

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Offensively challenged Jayhawks suffer rare home loss, 61-57 to San Diego State

I think coach is losing this team, and we might not make the tourney, in which case.. He needs to go

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Offensively challenged Jayhawks suffer rare home loss, 61-57 to San Diego State

I think it might be time to start re evaluating our coaching staff. Perhaps self has peaked and it's time to move on

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Bill Self says Tyler no snitch, but …

+10000 Garbage degree. When i went to Ku all the players were either sociology, or african studies majors. Still remember sitting in soc class with cornish, langford and Cj giles breathing over my neck during tests.

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Kentucky first, Kansas fifth in Associated Press Top 25 preseason poll

u know what,, fck kentucky, Pretty sure Johnny C is a giant MO anyway

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It’s go time: Andrew Wiggins, KU to debut tonight

do you know if espn3 will be blacked out for time warner customers,, if not, anyone want to share their log in info

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